Write a paragraph on a book you have recently read | 2 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Write a paragraph on a book you have recently read

write a paragraph on a book you have recently read Answer Number 1

write a paragraph on a book you have recently read: My love for reading books is a passion of mine. I recently finished reading Shakespeare’s William Shakespeare’s “The Tempest”. The Tempest is the final play written by the famous playwright that was composed in 1611 in Stafford. Prospero was a scholar. He was not one to rule Milan in the role of a Duke. His strength was his knowledge. Their brother of his, Antonio was able to profit from this thirst for knowledge and plotted to eject him from Milan with the assistance of King Alonso, the king of Naples, Alonso.

Prospero along with his child sought refuge on an uninhabited island. It was a mystical world that Prospero was not aware of. Caliban was a demon who lived on that island. In time, Prospero dominated Caliban and transformed into a powerful force by using its white magic. The Dr. Faustus of Marlowe exercised necromancy, however, Prospero employed his magic to ensure the benefit of the entire world. Thus, his magic proved to be a blessing, not a threat. He had a daughter named Miranda she was a gorgeous and charming young woman. Caliban tried to charm Miranda however, he failed. Then Ferdinand who was the son of Naples was able to visit the mysterious country. Miranda was shocked to meet a gorgeous youthful man she had never seen before. After seeing Ferdinand, she cried, “O brave new world.” In the following days, Miranda and Ferdinand became lovers. Prospero was determined to determine Ferdinand’s loyalty toward his child. Ferdinand gained the attention of Prospero. Through his magical white magic, Prospero taught everyone including his brother great lessons. Alonso, Antonio, and Sebastian were able to see the error of their ways. Gonzalo who aided Prospero once to escape his brutal brother was given a reward.

Then, everyone was reconciled. Prospero went back to his home in Milan together with the daughter. And was able to free Ariel The spirit that aids Prospero to fulfill his dreams even while on the island. The joyous reunion of the story hints at the truth Prospero is a major figure. Prospero is a significant character who, using his white magic, helps people to come to terms with their flaws. Honesty and goodwill have been recognized. I experienced a great deal of pleasure as I read the play. Shakespeare’s style of writing, his language, and most importantly his mix of comedy and tragedy brought to my brain a soothing feeling that I will never forget.

write a paragraph on a book you have recently read Answer Number 2

Books are the best friend we have. Even in the modern age of smartphones and the internet, the value of books is not to be undervalued. I am a true book-lover. I love reading books. If I have spare time, I love reading novels, story books, and others. Recently, I read Bibhutibhusan’s famous novel, ‘Chander Pahar’. I was so enthralled with the book that I lost track of how many times I’d read the book after completed reading it.

The novel “Chander Pahar is a story of stories of Shankar who is the main character in the novel. Shankar is a Bengali young boy, who is amidst many challenges in Africa which he encounters as part of his work on the railways. Shankar encounters a myriad of fierce creatures like black mambas, lions, etc. But the most exciting part starts when Shankar is accompanied by Diago Alverage an European adventurer who is on the Kilimanjaro mountain to search for diamonds. Through the course of incidents Diago is killed by a ferocious creature called ‘Buniyp’. Shankar is left to his own devices in this unknown realm of danger and uncertainty. He bravely faces it with awe-inspiring courage and determination.

After a huge battle, Shankar is saved in the middle of the desert. Shankar is the symbol of bravery. I adore the character deeply. I am drawn by Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhyay’s incredible storytelling ability. He brings the descriptions of African jungles and Shankar’s journeys vivid with his ability to tell stories. Shankar’s imaginative writing style makes him among the top well-known characters in Bengali literature. When I go through the novel I’m absorbed by the story. My mind also journeys through Shankar through the land of Africa and is captivated by the excitement. That’s why the film ‘Chander Phar is a very unique place in my heart.

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