Wonder of science essay | 3 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Wonder of science essay

Wonder of science essay Answer Number 1

Introduction: Science plays an important role in our lives. Science is a marvelous field with many great discoveries. Science is now the age of everything. Science has made our lives easier and more comfortable. Science is a method of living that provides knowledge and a system for acquiring it. Science requires alertness, curiosity, and the ability to observe changes in everyday life.

Scientific Inventions: Science invented many things, including small machines and big machines. This made observation simple and easy. A railway engine depends on water boiling. Newton discovered gravity from sitting under an apple tree.

Atomic Energy: Atomic Energy discovery of Science The entire world has harnessed inexhaustible energy resources. Electricity is the greatest invention of science. Electricity powers factories and trains, and heats up our homes to provide entertainment TV. Radio and light also give science a new dimension.

Means Of Communication: Trans, Buses and Cars are the biggest and most important inventions of science. They also make the most significant contribution to society. Science is the key to man being able to read long distances within an hour. Science can allow man to travel to another planet.

Disadvantages in Science: Science has many drawbacks. There are two sides to everything. One is the dark side, and the other is invention production and atomic bombs. In seconds, dangerous weapons can wipe out everything. It is possible to get pure water and air, but it is difficult.

How to Control Disadvantages in Science: We can only control the environment and create a healthy atmosphere. All people have brotherly affection. Stop the wars, plant trees, and clean up our environment.

Medical and Surgery: Science has not only saved a man from deadly diseases, but it has also made her live longer and healthier. Science is a wonderful field of surgery. Science is the only reason brain surgery and heart surgeries are possible. Science has made heart transplants commonplace.

The computer: The Computer is a marvelous invention of science. Computers have been used by humans in many fields. Computers can solve complex problems in fractions of a second. Computers control large-sized satellites and machine rockets.

Conclusion: Science is our great helper and has given us many gifts. The gift can help us live a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Science is the master of all the world.

Wonder of science essay Answer Number 2

Introduction: We are living in the age of science. It has made our life easier and more comfortable. Science plays an important role in the Imagination of man true Science has changed the lifestyle of man. It is the age of Science. Science has given us many wonderful things which made our life easier and more comfortable. Today every impossible thing changed into possible now man can reach the moon in space.

Scientific Inventions: There are many scientific Inventions that have made our life very comfortable- electricity is the greatest invention of science It serves us in many ways- It entertains with T.V. and the radio It runs trains, mills, and factories. It cools and warms our horses motor cars, scooters, railway engines, the airplanes computer,s, etc. are all Invention of science, modern life is Impossible without these scientific Inventions.

Means of Transport and Communication: Buses/cars/trains and airplanes have made our travels easier, comfortable and quicker. A man can reach any port of the world within hours. Hi has reached other plants with the help of rockets, with the Introduction of long-distance telephone calls through STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) and I.S.D (International Subscribers Dialing) we can talk to our friends and relatives living very far from us. The mobile phone is a great service for men.

Medicine and Surgery: Science has cured man from dreadful diseases TB (Tuberculosis) and cancer have been controlled. It has made man healthier. In the field of surgery to science has clone wonders. Open heart surgery and heart transplantations have become possible.

The computer: Scientists have Invented computers that can do complex calculations and work quickly. They have solved a lot of problems of man.

Disadvantage: Science has given us atom bombs that can destroy big cities and kill a lot of people in a few seconds. Big factories and other machines have made water and air polluted.

Conclusion: Science has proved a great asset to modern man. If properly used. It can make the life of man healthier and happier. Man is called the master of the world because of science.

Wonder of science essay Answer Number 3

INTRODUCTION: Science is at its peak. Science has many marvels. Science is an integral part of our everyday lives. Science is a method of living and learning. It has made our lives easier and more comfortable.

Scientific invention: Scientists invented many things and machines through observation of simple events. Newton discovered the law of gravity by observing an apple fall from a tree. The idea of a railway engine was born out of water boiling in a kettle.

Electricity: has been called the greatest invention ever made by man. It runs our factories and trains. It keeps our house warm and cool. It cools our homes and provides entertainment through TV, radio, and cinema. It serves many purposes. Without electricity, modern life would be impossible.

The greatest scientific contributions are trains, buses, cars, and ships. Science has helped Richard the Other planets. Within hours, man can travel to any part of the world. The day will not come quickly when a man can travel to other planets and stars.

Surgery: Heart surgery and transplantation are now commonplace things. Science has made miracles. Science has not only saved man from horrible diseases, but also made him live longer and healthier. T.B. is an incurable disease. Literacy and cancer are also possible.

The computer: This is the most amazing invention in Science. They are responsible for controlling many machines Rockets TV stations, and satellites. They can perform complex and intricate calculations in fractions of a second. The computer is the greatest scientific invention.

Atomic Energy: atomic energy is the greatest scientific invention. The discovery of Atomic Energy has enabled man to harness an unlimited source of energy. can supply the energy world with enough for a long period of time.

Electricity-electricity: is an important scientific achievement. Science has seen the world of light, and without electricity, it is impossible to use it.

Science has a disadvantage: There are two sides to everything. It is a grave threat to Unity’s existence that atom bombs and other deadly weapons were invented and deduced. The atmosphere has been polluted by secondary big factories mills and other machines. The world is also at risk from pollution caused by automobile fuel.

Conclusion: science can be a great helper for the modern man. If used correctly, science can improve the quality of life and make it happier. Science plays an important part in the human experience.

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