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Value of time paragraph for class 6-7-8 Answer Number 1

Time and tide are not inextricably linked. Once gone, time is gone forever. The time of a man’s life is very short. He must do many things. He can succeed in his life if he makes the best use of his time. Wealth is less valuable than time. Hard work can make up for the loss of money. You can learn the knowledge you have lost. You can recover your health by eating well and taking medication. The loss of time cannot be reversed. The value of time reminds us about our duties. The human life is both short and temporary. However, a man can do many things in the limited time he has. He should get up early each morning. An early riser has more time to complete his tasks. Active people make the most of their time. They organize their time and work according to it. Some people feel the lack of time. Instead of doing any work, idle men sit and do nothing. They live in misery, and they die in misery. We can see the time and effort that great men put into their lives. Even lower animals can be active. Bees, ants and other animals can be active. They do the work themselves. Moments make up the human life. We can’t ignore the moments and we will lose our whole life. We should make the most of our time.

Value of time paragraph for class 6-7-8 Answer Number 2

Time is valuable when you do your work properly. It is the most important. It is more important than money. Ut is fleeting, but it never returns. It is possible to regain money and health, but it is impossible to regain time lost.

The purpose of human life is to work. It is impossible to do it in the shortest time possible. Every task must be completed in the right time. This is why the proverb “Time and tide wait for no one” applies to all work.

Time is essential for our success in life. But we do not always keep time. This is a bad habit. A notice was sent that a meeting would be held at 4 pm. After 5 p.m., the people of our country will be there. This is our daily routine. This is not a good habit, but a bad one. Bad habits are responsible for our failures. The proper use of time is key to success.

Studying the lives of great men around the globe will show us that they don’t waste time, but they use it well. If we don’t waste our time, then we can have success in all aspects of our lives. For the bright future of our children, we need to teach them the value of time as early as possible.

There are still animals that are active. Birds, bees, and other animals are always active. They grow their own food. Allah’s best creation is man. Therefore, we must make the most of our time.

Value of time paragraph for class 6-7-8 Answer Number 3

We have to do certain work when it is appropriate. To lead a happy and enjoyable life, we need to be able to make the most of our of our time. Anyone who performs his job correctly and at the right moment is certain to succeed in his life. He is capable of completing everything he has to do with ease.

There is a quality to Labor in the event that it is executed correctly and in a timely manner with the success. We know that they are laudable as well as memorable, and they utilized their skills the benefits of their work in everyday daily.

Whoever wastes his time surfers over the long term. A lazy man who constantly spends time on the internet is a sloppy, naive person. The uninvolved live an unhappy, idle existence and end up in miserable conditions. The idle mind is a devil’s playground. They are unsatisfied, unpredictable or unpunctual, and the van doesn’t do well in the world. To get the most value out of our time, we must create a routine and adhere to it with a strict.

it is best to allocate time to complete a particular job. Man is the ultimate creator of Allah. In his physical life, he is required to be a temporary person. Time and life are both connected and are inseparable. It is essential to keep in mind that the less fortunate use the clock is the key to a successful life.

If one wants to have a successful life then he must make smart use of the time. The student life is the period of preparation for the future. To be able to make his life worthwhile one should be aware of the importance of efficient time. If a student doesn’t devote his time to studying, he’ll never be able to be able to pass the test.

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