Price hike paragraph for HSC | 3 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Price hike paragraph for HSC

Price hike paragraph for HSC Answer Number 1

Price hike paragraph for HSC: Bangladesh has many issues. Price hikes in Bangladesh are just one of them. Price hikes are an uncharacteristic increase in the cost of items. It’s a regular occurrence in the United States. It’s making our lives difficult and stressful. Particularly, middle and poor people with a limited income suffer a lot due to it. There are a variety of reasons behind price increases. Insufficient supply of essential goods transport system natural catastrophes in the business world, dishonest businessmen, worldwide price hikes, and inflation are the main reasons behind price increases. Due to price increases, the majority of people are forced to suffer from hunger. Many lead an inhuman life. This makes the wealthy richer and the poor less. If this continues, our lives could be in danger and various kinds of crime are common. Moral degradation and corruption will take over the entire country. Certain steps must be taken to stop the rise in prices. To end this issue the government must adopt the appropriate steps. Businessmen should also come forward to ensure the correct distribution of goods. All of us must join hands to tackle the issue.

Price hike paragraph for HSC Answer Number 2

The increase in the cost of everyday essentials is known as a price increase. This isn’t uncommon in our economic system. Today, we are being aware that the cost of things that are essential is going upwards every single day. It is rising in leaps and leaps. It appears to be out of control.

The middle and the poor are confused by this continuous price increase. It is a known truth about what to do with the constant price rise. Bangladesh is currently experiencing an economic downturn. Even high-ranking official of Bangladesh has referred to the situation as an emergency.

The government attempts to regulate markets and control them, however, there’s been no success. The market is operating every day after day. If the situation continues exactly the same for a long time, it can cause harm to our economy. Additionally, there is a risk that the law and order system could be shattered.

It is thought that big traders working in an organization to make huge profits are justifiable for the price increase. Some traders attempt to influence the market, creating an artificial crisis for day-to-day essential goods. They’re creating a problem across the nation in order to satisfy their desire.

To end this scenario, each and every citizen as well as the government must protest against the syndicating and manipulation of the market by criminals. The strictest rules must be followed to identify and punish those who have been involved in creating the fake crisis.

Price hike paragraph for HSC Answer Number 3

To be honest, most citizens of our country will consider it normal today and the long-lasting consequences of the price rise within our nation. The range of costs includes food, accommodations, education, health treatments, etc. In short, every need for the people. Countries in the developing world such as Bangladesh have many middle-income and poor citizens who struggle to provide basic necessities for their families and themselves. It is no surprise that the situation is significantly worse when the cost of goods rises significantly.

According to the way economic system, the tendency to gradually increase the price of items is normal. This is known as inflation. in which the cost of everything gradually rises with the passage of time. If currency value drops and the cost of products will always increase. Because inflation is common in all countries to a lesser degree and a change in price at times is normal. But, the rate of price increase is different in that it is not the increase of all things but, rather a rise in the cost of one particular item or service. Knowing the process of price hikes is important.

The occurrence of an abnormal price increase can occur due to a variety of reasons. The reality of Bangladesh has to be fully learned to better understand the unusual price hikes. The demand for essentials is constant, and as the amount of products becomes less, sellers will increase prices. The problem is that the lack of goods is often purposely created to raise prices and make more profits. Suppliers and sellers in a syndicate choose to cause a shortage. The majority of the time it is due to the lack of regulation by the government.

These kinds of crimes go repeatedly ignored which enables the continuation of the work. The scarcity of food throughout the country is also a cause. If the products in the country is cut and imports fall the shortage of supply has to be addressed in the most effective way. The lack of proper control over the number of goods is the primary issue most often.

This is why there has been an increase in the cost of goods. Furthermore, the increase in the cost of services such as education, accommodation, treatment, etc. results from the rapid growth in inflation. Price hikes are one of the major factors as well. When total expenses increase and prices rise, it is to preserve the profits. Naturally, inflation and price rise impact every aspect of our needs in the same way.

The effects of price increases fall predominantly on the people who are middle and poor everywhere. It is evident in the items we require in our everyday lives. The price increases in food items won’t stop people from seeking alternatives, since our habits of eating don’t change significantly. Instead, those who are poor consume less food, making them more vulnerable. They are forced to select more expensive alternatives when the cost exceeds their capacity.

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