Price Hike in Bangladesh Paragraph | 3 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Price Hike in Bangladesh Paragraph

Price Hike in Bangladesh Paragraph Answer Number 1

Price Hike in Bangladesh Paragraph: Price-hike refers to a trend to look at the price of essential products. It is among the main problems facing our nation.

This is a developing nation. It’s plagued by numerous issues. We are caught in a vicious cycle of poverty. The majority of people in our country are living in poverty. They can’t keep their body and soul on a small income. They are being hit every day due to the unnatural rise in prices. The people are living in a state of subhuman existence. This has happened due to the fact that it is evident that the worth of currency has decreased over the limit. This has meant that buying power for individuals has diminished in a way that is unusual. Today, almost everyone from all kinds of backgrounds suffers greatly under the pressure of the spiraling price. The plights of the middle-class population are the beggar’s tale. There is a myriad of reasons behind price hikes in our country. The most dreadful of them all is the decrease in production as well as an increase in hoarding syndicating, black-marketing the explosion of population, moral degrading and natural disasters, among others.

It’s an accepted fact it is fact that Bangladesh has been suffering for a long time from the issue of food security. However, a gang group of businessmen is contributing to the blaze. They are aggravated by increasing more money under the guise of the lack of products. Naturally, there is also an increase in costs of international markets. This is due to the popularity of the local market. The control of price increases is the most urgent need at this moment. The measures to take in this respect could include the increase in production, a reduction in the supply of money as well as a reduction in public expenditure, the development of self-employment opportunities, raising nationalist sentiments and prevent the spread of natural catastrophes, the end of hoarding, black-marketing, for instance.

The price hikes is affecting the health of the economy. It’s been an obstacle to the efficient functioning of our economy. The earlier the price increase is slowed down, the better chance to increase the development as well as plans for the country.

Price Hike in Bangladesh Paragraph Answer Number 2

A price increase is an unexpected increase in cost of the daily necessities. It is now commonplace in Bangladesh and the issue is growing worse day by day. Market syndicate is the primary reason for this increase in prices in Bangladesh. In addition, some shady traders cause an artificial crisis by launching vital commodities to make huge profits. Other reasons that cause price increases include lower agriculture production because of natural disasters, a lack in raw material, a need to communicate quickly as well as political instability, inflation on a national scale as well as other factors.

Price hikes cause unrest in the society. The lives of the common man are in danger. The cost of essential commodities is way beyond the means of low-income and fixed-income populations. In general, the majority of people are afflicted by the issue of rising prices. This is something that cannot be solved in an instant.

The government should take short-term and long-term actions to curb price hikes. The businessmen’s syndicates must be dealt with swiftly and the rate of inflation in money should be managed. Agriculture must be given the top priority in the budget for the year. In the same way the public’s awareness needs to be raised about price hikes.

Price Hike in Bangladesh Paragraph Answer Number 3

The cost of daily essential items rises and becomes outside the budget of the general consumer at that point, we deal with the issue as a price Hike. Price increases are a common problem in countries such as India, Bangladesh, and Pakistan. Our country is a developing one and our economy isn’t stable. There is a myriad of reasons why the cost of various things can increase from time to time. The main reason behind the price increase is the lower quantity of production. If production is low the government has to import the product from another country, which means that the price will increase in a logical manner. There are other causes as well.

Certain businessmen who are not morally upright store the products and create an imbalance in the market. Another reason for this issue. When the amount of money available increases too much it will cause the price to rise. It is an extremely difficult thing to manage. The government needs to look after and manage the market in order to keep the prices balanced each time. Not just our country, but the only one is suffering from this issue. We must increase our production and stop imports that come from foreign countries. If we concentrate on producing then we can be sure to generate millions of work opportunities for people who are unemployed who are in need of things. an affordable price, and earn massive profits from exporting.

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