Paragraph on fashion among students | 5 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Paragraph on fashion among students

Paragraph on fashion among students Answer Number 1

Paragraph on fashion among students: Being fashionable is a fashion craze across the globe. Students in India are also extremely focused on fashion. Every student, girl or boy prefers clothes that are trendy. They would like to appear stylish, modern, and attractive. They mimic models and actors. Fashion designers and tailors also continue to introduce new styles often. Actually, the tailoring shops of today are fashion temples. The shoe stores are even providing the most recent styles of shoes. Fashion is also about going out to clubs and restaurants, hotels or drinking, smoking or reading magazines about film and forming relationships with other members of the sex. Girls love to show off their bodies with increasing frequency and prefer to dress like dolls and dance as butterflies. Girls visit salons for haircuts while boys grow hair long. In reality, students don’t realize they are wasting time and the hard-earned cash that their parents have invested in them. It is crucial to care for the body, but not to do it by putting it in a position to do so.

Paragraph on fashion among students Answer Number 2

The world is dominated by fashion in the present. We live in a time of fashion. Girls and boys are obsessed with fashion. The term “fashion” is on the tongue of every man girl, woman, and boy.

In the end, what’s fashion? Oscar Wilde declared, “Fashion is what one wears oneself. What is ugl wear.” Fashion, in reality, is being attractive and beautiful.

In the past, women were known to wear different kinds of floral arrangements and blooms. There’s a saying that is well-known: “He or she who goes against fashion is himself or herself a slave to it.”

It is therefore not a surprise that boys and girls have created the gods and goddesses that fashion has in their minds. Everyone nowadays wants to be fashionable in swimming. Boys and girls alike are trying to appear smart and energetic.

College students are very particular in their dress. They spend more on buying the most recent “cuts” and “wear” than they spend on books. Many people are trying to appear younger than they age.

Hairstyles for boys are long while girls are bobbed. The manner in which they style and dress their hair makes it less specific types or styles.

The desire for fashionable clothes is increasing. Some styles are funny. In reality, we’re becoming accustomed to fashion.

Fashionable individuals are fighting for the possession of modern gadgets like televisions in color, mobile phones, and motor vehicles.

The urgent need is that people abandon the trend of fashion. Although they may appear smart, they should be well-adjusted, intelligent, and healthy.

Paragraph on fashion among students Answer Number 3

“Fashion” can be described as an English word. It refers to making yourself gorgeous in Punjabi. Every person wants to appear attractive or attractive before others, but it’s solely about the outside world.

Therefore, it is typical to see people dress modestly or prepare themselves, but the fashion industry is becoming more constrained.

Today’s actors sport colorful outfits to draw attention and children and girls are inspired by them and wear similar styles.

Whatever the amount of money they spend regardless of the amount, they will do their best to achieve what they desire. In their shadows, the poor boys as well as girls of middle-class families follow the same pattern and don’t seem to care whether they’re doing something wrong in their houses.

In the past, women covered their bodies as fully as feasible, but in today’s modern world, fashion is everywhere and the option to wear Punjabi is also falling from the top.

Concerning the current generation of young people Some youngsters today wear half-sleeved sweaters and shirts with no fear of getting cold during winter.

If we ask them if they’re not cold, they’ll say that it is the time of fashion. Nobody wants to be lost in this fashion race.

The young man is cutting his beard in various designs. This style is rapidly taken up by the younger generation of the west.

However, they don’t take note of the positive characteristics such as doing what they like taking time to appreciate the moment, and so on. This is the reason why it’s not right for us to hold blame Western culture.

In reality, it is possible to do it by staying within the boundaries of fashion and ensuring that your sister, parents, brother your friend enjoys and cherishes with all their hearts.

When Punjabi people, particularly girls and young boys wear clothes according to Punjabi cultural values with an eye toward the Punjabi culture There is nothing quite like Punjabi clothes in the world.

Paragraph on fashion among students Answer Number 4

The students of India are extremely specific regarding fashion. Today, most of their time is spending their time in front of the mirror. They are looking to dress in a way that catches everyone’s attention. In their quest to look stylish and trendy They are obsessed with trendy fashions. They dress in the most fashionable styles and with every shift in fashion, their hairstyles alter. To stay in the latest trend, our little girls and boys are thought to be a priority. They care too much about the outside world that they don’t have time to go to their private lives. They frequently visit beauticians to get facials, but they never visit the library for books, magazines, or magazines. I am not a fan of these contemporary Jokers.

Students copy actors and artists. Many of them watch movies to replicate the latest trends. They put on expensive and beautiful clothes with the most recent cut colors, designs, and colors and make extensive usage of beauty and cosmetics and other beauty aids. They don’t realize that they’re losing precious time and energy in this pursuit.

In addition the fact that they squander their parents’ hard-earned cash. Tailors also offer fashion give them cash. tailor shops are always packed with customers. Tailor shops are the sanctuaries of our times. They offer physical appeal and grace

Fashion isn’t just about wearing a dress alone. Fashion clubs, restaurants or hotels, drinking smoking, as well as watching movies all contribute to making many new friends. Everyone wants to appear like a movie star. The hair of boys is long, and girls have bowed hair. Girls are drawn to show off their bodies, look like dolls, and they like to move like butterflies.

The body needs to be given the proper treatment but not artificially. The body’s ruggedness should be protected to the maximum extent.

Paragraph on fashion among students Answer Number 5

‘Fashion, Fashion, Fashion. Our world is awash with fashion. Fashion has become a trend across the globe, particularly among young people. Our students- both boys and girls are extremely selective about what they wear. All students dress in the most fashionable trends. They are looking elegant, stylish, and modern. They blindly copy the looks of models and actors. They constantly search for new and interesting. Films do a lot to propagate new fashion. Today fashion, designers are thriving just like any other. The new fashions they create sell as hotcakes. Tailors also release new fashions. Fashion doesn’t just refer to clothing. Going to bars and restaurants, as well as hotels is also an aspect of fashion. Beverages, gambling or reading films, and forming relationships with the other sex are all trendy. It is fashionable to wear the look of bell-bottoms, bob haircuts jeans, clothes, pop music, and disco dancing. We’re wasting money and precious dollars following our parents’ fashion. Teenagers are so obsessed with fashion that they wouldn’t hesitate to empty their pockets to get the latest trends. So, fashion is always looking to find something fresh and exciting.

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