Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone | 5 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone

Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone Answer Number 1

Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone: Helping someone is a gesture to them to show love. I’m sure that every person has assisted someone at least once because it’s something that’s common. In this Paragraph, I will mention the various instances when I’ve assisted someone else.

Like many others, I have one sibling. He’s younger than I am, so I assist him many times. I assist my brother in various things like aiding him in his schoolwork and making sure he is engaged when he’s bored and making sure he is secure. Sometimes, there are circumstances that require my assistance like when he’s severely injured or bullied, and there’s no one in the world who can assist him. Similar to this, he was in school. At lunch, as I was eating my yummy sandwich, my brother came over to me and explained that his friends were fleeing from him. As a sister of a higher rank, I was shocked and angry at those who had upset my brother. So, as many are likely to do, grabbed my brother’s arm and he led me to his friends. I told the friends of my brother that this was a rude act and was rude. When I was in high school, my friends from school didn’t argue and they began playing with my brother.

Another time I’ve assisted someone else was when I saw an older girl than me who was hurt and crying on the path. I approached her in a cautious manner as I bent to ask what had transpired. She explained that she had been going for an exercise on her own but fell and injured her hands and knees, and she could not stand up. I immediately knew the best course of action. I asked her to settle still and not move her body so that I could take her to my parents to help. After I got my parents along with some bandages, she gave them her parents’ number. We then informed her parents where she was and in less than five minutes, they came to pick her up.

It is possible to help others, regardless of whether you are familiar with them or you do not. The way I see it is that once you have helped someone you feel satisfied and happy over what you’ve accomplished. Therefore, go out and assist people who are in need, as it can make you feel content too.

Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone Answer Number 2

It’s true that we all require assistance at some point in the course of our lives. I have also received help and helped other people too. When we assist others it makes us feel happy and courteous and is a sign of our character towards other people. Today, I’ve been requested to share an occasion when I was able to help another person. I can recall an incident that happened that I had when I was in the 10th grade. I helped a needy student who was my classmate.

The name he was given was Avneet Singh, and he was from an impoverished family. He was not able to afford to purchase books. In addition, I received one hundred rupees a month in pocket money back in the days. Most of the time, I spent this money on chocolates as I am a huge fan of chocolates.

I decided to assist him by donating all of the money in my pockets. In this way, he would have the money to purchase books. I still remember his expression and the moment he felt content. He then bought books. Since then, we’ve been the best of friends. Sincerely I felt incredibly happy at the time that I felt totally different from the way I’d experienced it before.

I came to realize that certain things bring more happiness than eating chocolate.

Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone Answer Number 3

It is of moral duty to aid people in difficult situations. In this case, I’d like to share an instance where I assisted an unidentified person. I’ll describe it briefly.

Just a few months ago, I decided to go to college. My college is located a little from my home town. I travel there by bus. Each day, I boarded the bus at around 9:15 am to get there. On this bus, I sat on the seat and was at ease.

Then, I noticed something under my feet. I assumed it was something like a notebook or paper from someone else. When I got down to grab it I noticed that it was the passport of a person. I looked it up and inquired about it to everyone who was on the bus. However, everyone was against the passport. This passport was from another person.

I looked up the address and found that it was from a village called “Mariana” which is nearby my hometown. I brought it along with me. The following day, I visited “Mariana” village and asked the villager for the address of my home that could be found on the passport.

I quickly found the address for my home. I visited the address and I knocked on the door. The door was opened by a lady. I informed her of the passport I lost.

She was extremely happy after hearing the message from me. Thanks to the passport of her son. She expressed her respect for me and thanked me for my help. I was also extremely elated in helping a human.

Overall, that was the moment that I assisted an unidentified person.

Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone Answer Number 4

While I’m from an educated family of five members: my father. My mother, my two brothers, and I’re all passing our days with a lot of enthusiasm.

Although, I’ve retained all the moral principles that my parents taught me like helping others, respecting elders, love for the country, and so on.

In general, approximately 2 months back, I assisted an elderly and weak person. One Sunday I was on the roof of my house in the evening. Then, I noticed an elderly person walking around my neighborhood between places.

However, he wasn’t doing his research. It was apparent that he was asking for an address or a location.

Therefore, I went outside and asked the person I was talking to about the issue. He informed me that he was seeking an address. However, it was extremely hot, as it was in the summertime.

So, I brought this old man to my house and handed him water to him to drink. He was calm and relaxed. After that, I asked him about the address at which it was that he was searching. He was able to tell me everything.

At first, and then was over, I accompanied me on my motorcycle, and dropped him off at the same address, which was the same person who was looking for.

After that, I helped the man by dropping him off at his place of departure. He was very kind to me. I was very happy when I saw a smile on his smile. I felt like I was in nine clouds of bliss.

Paragraph on an incident when you helped someone Answer Number 5

It was the middle of March the sun was sprinkling its hot rays at a brisk pace. I returned home from work in the afternoon of the weekend. I was annoyed that I was forced to work over the weekend as there were other things I wanted to do to take care of my personal obligations. However, since this was an urgent situation, I had to make my presence known and offer support to my team.

All sorts of negative thoughts ran through my head as I drove back to my house. I couldn’t keep my thoughts in check. In addition, I wasn’t aware of the reason I felt so depressed at the moment.

When I was driving home I was stopped by an elderly woman who was probably in her mid-80s. I slowed down my bike and asked her. She explained that her home was just a few miles. As the sun was becoming heavier, she stated her feet off her were feeling awful, and she couldn’t take another step.

I could feel her frustration due to her age and the humid temperatures. Therefore, I decided to assist her out of their slumber. I suggested she sit on my bicycle. But because it was unprofessional and she was exhausted and weak, she could not perform the task. But she tried, but she could not sit upon my motorcycle.

I was thinking it would be best to let her go as she was weak. I was thinking about what happens if she falls off the bike while driving. Then I informed her that there was an on-route bus that was going to be where she was on and then left the area. She didn’t speak. She remained silent.

After being a couple of millimeters away I removed my bike after which I returned back to the bike. I asked her if she was able to manage in the back seat as I ride. She assured me that she could handle herself.

In the following couple of minutes, she hopped in the backseat of my bike, with the help of my shoulder to help her. I slowly walked across the city streets until I reached her final destination. Within a few minutes, we reached the location in which she wanted to put herself.

With the hands of my hand, she sat on my bike. After ensuring my stability I looked up at her before taking my departure. Her eyes were soaking wet, with tears dripping across her thin cheeks. As she brushed my hair with her sluggish hand she thanked me in her weak voice.

I didn’t know what was happening at the exact moment. A positive and uplifting feeling was felt in my body, circulating throughout my body. All of the negative emotions I had experienced during that time vanished in only a few seconds.

The way she gazed at me with eyes inspired me to feel alive. The words can’t describe the weird feeling I felt from that lady. At that exact moment, I was convinced that life was simple. It’s all in the perception of how we view it. In addition, I have come to an understanding that our simplest actions can be a determining factor in our well-being.

It is important to remember the fact that “Humanity is God.’

I didn’t say a word to that elderly lady for the work she did that day to make me feel a little more valued and a better human being. I would have acknowledged her.

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