Our village our trees essay in English | 2 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Our village our trees essay in English

Our village our trees essay in English Introduction

Our village our trees essay in English: The majority of Indians are farmers, who live in small villages. They work hard to provide food for their families and to produce crops for the nation. India is home to approximately 500000 villages scattered across the country.

A village is a settlement with fewer than 5 000 living units. The rural area of the country is called a village. Rural means it is not connected to modern cities. Farming is the main occupation of villagers. They are the main source of agricultural production in the country.

Description of Villages

Villages can be small hamlets of thatched homes or larger settlements with tiled roofs and brick homes. Artists and filmmakers have created the impression that an Indian village is simply a cluster of mud-plastered walls. They are shaded by trees and overlook large expanses of green fields. There are a few people who move slowly and bullock carts. The film depicts a woman in a village, carrying a pot on her head and moving gracefully with her skirt gently swaying. A village is the center of activity and has a stronger work ethic.

Agriculture is hard work and can be very difficult. Villagers work hard and try to invent new ways of growing wheat, rice, or lentils.

Village is Important

Because it is the main sector of our country’s agricultural production, the village is crucial. India’s economic backbone is the village. It is also responsible for maintaining the environmental balance. Most villages are covered in trees and plants. These areas are covered in green grasslands. You can see miles and miles of green fields. Many animals can find shelter in them.

Village Life

Village life is filled with happiness and contentment because people aren’t in a rush like in cities.

Villagers live a simple existence. Villages are often far removed from urban life. Villages are surrounded by nature, with trees, flowers, and streams. The village is clean and free from pollution. One can also feel the freshness of the wind. Although the village’s needs aren’t too great, they still lack basic facilities. Villages lack basic facilities such as clean drinking water, electricity, and a health center. The atmosphere is filled with poverty. They still maintain the Panchayati Raj system in the village and monitor all activities. The village is often very religious.

Villages are full of nature and beauty

Villages are places that are far from noise and pollution. Only in a village can we see the beauty and wonder of nature.

These villages can be seen to reflect the beauty of nature. They are surrounded by trees, plants and rivers. Some villages are also surrounded in hills by streams and mountains. These areas are covered in green grasslands

The village is clean and there is no pollution. One can also feel the freshness of the breeze. Nature’s beauty is enhanced by the melodious sounds of birds. These all bring joy to the village. This is how one can feel the connection to the soil of the village.

My Village

My village has a population of just two hundred. Bolpur is the name of my village. It is located 150km from Kolkata. My Dussehra vacation allows me to visit my village one time a year. I visit my village with my parents every year during Durga Puja.

The freshness of the air is evident as the car turns onto the muddy road. There are large trees along the road to the village. They are full of life and seem to be dancing to welcome us into their home. This is a stunning scene I’ve never seen before. The village’s entrance has a temple where prayers, rituals, and other worshipping activities take place. The temple is located near a large pond that is surrounded by mango trees, champak trees, and a huge peepal tree. Everyone is attracted to the smell of mango buds and flowers. My ancestral home is located behind the peepal trees.

My village has a primary school where village children study with great enthusiasm. While the classes are still going, I enjoy watching them. However, right now, due to the Durga Utsav, the school is closed. A small dispensary is available with a doctor or a nurse. They can treat basic ailments like stomach pain and fever. The people must go to the nearby town for more complicated conditions and medications. A small grocery store is available where you can buy the essentials of sustenance. There is also a tea stall that sells snacks. Even though the tea stall is the main meeting place for the villager during the evening, it is always full. The tea stall is full of people sipping tea, chatting, and sharing the latest news from around the globe. My village has a post office.

A small rivulet is my favorite spot. It is a wonderful place to spend time and I love it. There are miles of grasslands and hills beyond the rivulet. It will make a great picture for an artist. Everyone, old and young, can swim in the rivulet. Farming is the main occupation of villagers. It is a peaceful, serene environment that gives me immense joy every time I visit my village. Here, I can enjoy fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. My village is very friendly and helps me to live in peace. They live as one large family that takes care of one another. This act of compassion is hard to find in the city.

The following are important issues that every citizen and government of the country should be concerned about:

Education Many villagers don’t know the importance of education. It is important to be aware of its importance as a citizen.

Health Arrangement: There are a few health centers that are not available in certain areas. It is necessary to increase and improve the facilities at health centers.

Sanitation Villagers in remote areas don’t care about the cleanliness of their homes, roads, or themselves. They can spread diseases. They should only drink pure water.


My village is a peaceful haven for happy people. They live peacefully and in harmony here. Villagers are hardworking people and need to have an income source. It is important to maintain and increase the number of clinics and schools in the village. Facilitating farmers’ sales should be done by educating them about modern farming techniques and giving them compensation. Therefore, I request the government to improve the agricultural, educational, and medical facilities in the village.

Our village our trees essay in English Answer Number 2

Trees are essential because they purify our air and are our best friends.


Our Village Our Tree

Villages are an area that is far from the noise and pollution of the city. You also feel a connection with the soil in a village. You will also find trees, many crops, flowers, and rivers. You might also feel a cool breeze in the morning and night. Villages are places where people live in rural areas. It is typically larger than a village but smaller than a city or town. They clean the soil and water, making the world a better place. People who live close to trees are healthier, happier, and more active than those who don’t. It is our responsibility to care for our friends, who help us in many ways. Conserving plants is not only good for us but also benefits our health. We rely on trees and plants for our survival.

My hometown is one of my favorite places. I regularly collect fish from the village tanks. I love the morning break in my village and the taste of a green coconut. I organize community dinners, plays, and other events.

Our survival depends on trees in many ways. We must not forget their importance. Because they provide clean air for us to breathe, food for us to eat, and protection against the sun and rain, they are vital.

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