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Our headmaster essay Answer Number 1

Our headmaster essay: The school’s head is called the headmaster. Headmasters are present in all schools. There is a headmaster at our school, just like other schools. Namely, his name is Shankar Prasad Samantaray. He’s about fifty years young.

He holds an M.A. in English and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education. He completed his Diploma in teaching English. A man with a solid moral code. The man is reliable, honest, and committed. He has also mastered all the characteristics of a leader.

He is a great teacher as well as an active administrator. He is a teacher of English Grammar. In his position as the director of this institute is a variety of tasks to complete. In addition to teaching, he oversees the classes and instructs the teachers whenever required.
He is often present in classes and observes how the learning and teaching process is happening. He also participates in an abundance of official activities.

The clerk assists him in the work of the school. He is at the heart of the entire activities of the school. Discipline in the school is among the primary duties the teacher performs.

He is not just concerned about his curricular pursuits but is also a keen participant in all co-curricular activities at the school. He constantly encourages the students to be involved in music, sports debate, and social service.

He is always keeping an eye on the children who could win prizes at any state or district-level competition.

He is compassionate and understanding to his students, and a friend to the teachers at the school. The students all respect him, and teachers work with him in all activities of the school.

His interactions with the parents and guardians of the children were also positive. The majority of people are satisfied with his outstanding work and manner of conduct.

I love my headmaster often. His professionalism and integrity are very pleasing to me. The outcomes of the HSC Examination at our school are satisfactory because of his tireless efforts. Thanks to him, our school has earned well-known in our community.

Our headmaster essay Answer Number 2

Headmaster’s name for us is Bharat Bhushan. He is a highly educated individual. He holds an M. A. in English He is well-trained and highly qualified. He is always working within his workspace. His management skills are excellent. He’s not only an effective administrator but an excellent teacher. He is a teacher of English. He attends only a handful of classes. He frequently visits our classroom and provides us with helpful guidance. He is a very charismatic person. He’s being a gentleman. He is punctual, and reliable in his work. He is extremely honest and welcoming when we get together in any situation. He can be strict and stern when we make a mistake. If a student is found to be disobedient to his school’s rules, the teacher will punish the student. This is because he is the guardian of the students and also the principal of the school. He visits our parents every 3 months to inform them about our progress. Our headmaster is an extremely intelligent man. He is well-known among pupils and teachers. We all admire him highly.

Our headmaster essay Answer Number 3

I read my books in Shri Jain sec. School. It’s a large school. Shri Rakesh is our Headmaster/principal. He is around 45 years young. He rises earlier in the day. He is out for walks every day. He is not a fan of expensive and trendy clothes. He wears clean white clothing in summer. He wears woolen winter clothes. He wears black tie shoes and his belt is polished every time. He is always at the right time. He never runs late. He gets to his school prior to the time that bell goes off. He is punctual. He is regarded as a perfect headmaster or principal. He is a straightforward and honest person. His personality is exemplary. He’s not only an excellent administrator but also a great teacher. He has a solid understanding of a variety of subjects. He is a well-built body. He is an instructor of English. His teaching method is excellent. He is the principal of the school that directs the school in the right direction. He is dedicated and is not a waste of time, and he is an excellent speaker. He usually sits in his office. He is always content. He is a nice man. He is a great teacher and they are very fond of him. He is a wonderful man and he’s giving his students gifts. He conducts himself very nicely to students and staff members. He even does not discipline students or peons for any error, and he does not discipline students for tardy fees. He also does not permit the student to take their time in the classroom and then he gets angry with the student for a couple of minutes however after a while he clarifies the situation. Students should not be absent from the class until lunchtime or when they call the bell. He has also opened a school library for the students. He also offers to tutor for students to help them with their studies to give students future success and each week, all students are able to achieve better results. It’s impossible without a headmaster/principal. The way he thinks is absurd since the headmaster is our headmaster. We are aware that our principal is a father to us. I am a fan of my school very much because of the clean surroundings and its headmaster. He oversees the school. He assists the students. He is a professional athlete. . He is a gentleman. Our headmaster is very down-to-earth. Everyone takes great care to observe the rules. Our headmaster is extremely knowledgeable in sports like hockey, cricket, football, and many more. He organizes an annual party every year to celebrate students. He holds it each week to have a parent’s gathering. Guardians should show great respect to him. He is a great principal and headmaster. He is the father of two children and his children attend this school. I am extremely satisfied with my principal. Every month, he takes all of the students in the school along with the students out for an evening picnic, to entertain.

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