My vision for India in 2047 short paragraph | 4 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

My vision for India in 2047 short paragraph

My vision for India in 2047 short paragraph Answer Number 1

My vision for India in 2047 short paragraph: India has celebrated its 70 anniversary of Independence. Every person has hopes of making the country great and prosperous democratically. A country that has equality across all sectors and all generations sees growth.

Like many, I have a desire for my home country India and how it should be, so I am proud to be a part of it as well as the next generation. 2047 will be the most important year to look at Inia through the lens of growth, development, and gender equality. work, and many other aspects.

What we envision is what we will see the same way, the way we envision India in 2047 will be the determining factor for the revolutionary changes we’ll be able to take on over the next 25 years. year. We want to be able to see India free of hunger, poverty, malnutrition, unemployment, and other social ills.

In the coming 25 decades, India should transform into an imposing nation, both externally and internally. Our primary goal as a nation in transition should be working on the economic fronts and building our economy by introducing major changes

Beyond the economics as well as the social sphere, it is important to promote gender equality and to provide equal opportunities to all regardless of their backgrounds.

The next 25 years are going to be extremely important, not just for our nation but for our lives as citizens of India. It could be a long and difficult journey but the end result is sure to be satisfying. we will be witnessing a nation that is both strong and united.

My vision for India in 2047 short paragraph Answer Number 2

I would like to see that over the coming 25 years India will transform into an effective Nation both in the internal and external world. Everyone has the right education and the opportunity to work in a good company.

An India is fully developed, where every child is employed and there is no one dying from hunger or poverty. I envision the India of 2047 as one that is free of corruption. India

My vision of India for 2047 includes an environmental-friendly and clean, learned corruption-free and healthy India my goal is to envision India as a perfect country for all other nations.

I would like in within the next 5 years India to transform to become a strong nation that is a nation both externally and within. India of my dream where women can eat safely and are able to walk comfortably on the road. An India where everyone is provided with the most complete and essential clothing and shelter.

India will remain self-sufficient in food, and women in India in 2047 would be will be empowered. Who is entitled to exactly the same right as males for who it is not discrimination in the workplace?

I see the Indian economy to be the most developed and established one in all of the developed economies. My dream is that every child born in India will be educated by 2047.

My dream for India is that every person has access to health services, no matter if they are rich or poor. My country must always be safe and peaceful.

My vision for India in 2047 short paragraph Answer Number 3

“After 25 years, India is expected to celebrate the 100th anniversary of its independence in 2047. I’d like to share my dream with India in 2047”.

The process of developing to create it’s the path of the nation. We are me to you and to you is the main goal of mission 2047. Today, India is celebrating its 75 years of independence.

Everyone dreams of making the country large and democratically prosperous. A nation where there is equality across all sectors and across all genders is a place where progress is observed.

Like many, I have a desire for the future of my India as well as how it should be in order that I am proud to be a part of it and my children to come. Our nation to 2047 could be the one we build now.

2047 is the most important year to look at India through the lens of growth, development, and gender equality. employment, and many other aspects.

What we imagine is what we actually see the same way, how we envision India as 2047’s India will influence the changes that we’ll experience over the next 25 years.

One would like to have India liberated of malnutrition, unemployment, poverty as well as corruption and other social problems. Over the next 25 decades, India should become a strong nation both inside and outside.

In this regard, our primary objective as a country in the process of developing is to focus on the economic fronts and strengthen our economy by implementing important changes.

Beyond the economics, it is also necessary to promote gender equality and to provide equal opportunities for everyone regardless of background.

The next 25 years will be crucial not only for our nation and us but for all of the people in India.

My vision for India in 2047 short paragraph Answer Number 4

Our nation India has been freed from the shackles of 200 years British on August 15th, 1947. The country is set to be independent in 75 years. This is the day when all of India is celebrating the Azadi Mahotsav ka Amrit.

In 2047, it’ll be 100 years since our nation gained independence. The next 25 years are the Amrit Kaal for the nation. While the country has been in the process of continuous growth for the past 75 years, over the next 25 years, we Indians must become as powerful as earlier in our history.

“One of the major traditions that we will be striving to put amendments in is the educational sector. And no doubt many sites are proving us with the assistance of free educational tools. one such site is calculator online that is in continuous touch with us and all over the world to enhance the learning capabilities of pupils and researchers around the globe.”

Regarding 2047, it is necessary to define a goal for having completed one hundred years since independence we will determine where we envision India. In order to achieve this, we all be required to join forces to build the nation in order that spiritual unity is cultivated within us and we can rid ourselves of a fragmented mindset. The goal of this “Amrit Kaal” is to create an India which is a fully modern and convenience.

The infrastructure of the world is essential to keep going forward in the direction of growth. It is now our responsibility as a whole to be involved in the reconstruction of this modern India of our hopes.

Don’t wait any further. Today, as we celebrate 75 years and independence each Indian is thinking of a brand new India. An India which can be fully developed where each child is employed, and nobody dies of hunger and poverty.

Like everyone else, I believe in India 2047 as a clean and stable India. I have observed that in 2047, there is no hatred of any kind in regards to caste or religions in the nation. In 2047, every girl that walks through the street of India is secure. Today, India isn’t tied to any nation in any area.

I see my Indian economy as being the most well-established and developed economy around the globe. I see all the major cities of my nation developing into full-fledged cities.

I see women in India in 2047 be empowered and have the same rights as men, and there isn’t any discrimination in the workplace. I find the medical facilities in India readily accessible to people of all ages.

I have a dream that each child in India can be educated by 2047. That will surely be significant. To achieve this, everyone needs to start working starting now. It is time to forget about our differences and work together. If we can work together in unison, then India will surely become self-sufficient and in 2047, the title Vishwaguru will certainly be the name of the nation.

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