My village paragraph for 100 words | 5 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

My village paragraph for 100 words

My village paragraph 100 words Answer Number 1

My village paragraph for 100 words: My village’s address is Ashatola. It’s an ordinary village located in Bangladesh. The most significant thing about our town is that it’s a peaceful area to reside in. Muslim and Hindu religions live here. We have an elementary school and a high school in our village.

This is why we don’t have to leave the house to study. It’s an extremely good choice for us. We have a marketplace in the village. We can purchase almost everything that is needed from the market. The beauty of the natural surroundings in my village is breathtaking. I love living with the people I have come to know the best.

My village paragraph 100 words Answer Number 2

I reside within Gaura Village. It is located 30 kilometers away from the city of Lucknow. My village’s population is below 2000. The majority of the homes in my village are made of mud. A majority of the residents from my community are farmers and are also able to keep buffaloes, cows, and goats, and hens inside their houses.

I love my village greatly because of its tranquil atmosphere. I am able to concentrate on my study in this serene environment. In addition, my neighborhood is in a midst of trees and plants, green fields as well as gardens, animals, and birds. that makes me bored. My neighbors are extremely friendly and generous. They are always there to help in any need.

My village paragraph 100 words Answer Number 3

I live in a small village with one street. Main Street is the name of my street. My street is home to many shops that sell clothes, food, as well as other everyday items. As I was walking down my street, I noticed someone I had never seen before. His face was covered in long black hair and he was wearing all black clothes. He looked at me with dark eyes and seemed to hate me. Although he hasn’t been back to the area in a while, it gave me something to talk about with friends and family who are curious about what’s happening in the town.

My village paragraph 100 words Answer Number 4

Our village’s name is Bhelpur. It is located twenty miles east of Cuttack. The roads run between the houses. There are two rows. At one end of the village is the community temple. On all sides, coconut and mango trees can be found. The mud walls are typical for most houses. Our village is home to approximately six hundred people. An M.E. There is a school and a health center. The majority of our community is poor farmers. They work hard. On Sunday, a community market is held where people from all walks of life come together to sell and buy goods

My village paragraph 100 words Answer Number 5

Village life is full of charms. The tranquility of life in Bangladeshi villages is something that few can resist. The shade provided by the many green trees in these villages will keep you cool, while the chirping of many birds will get you up each morning. Village life is preferred for a few reasons. Villages are peaceful and tranquil. Villages are for those who enjoy quiet. The village air is cleaner and more fresh than the air in towns. This is because there are fewer cars on the roads and fewer factories in rural areas. Thirdly, the majority of agricultural products are grown in villages. Villages are therefore a good place to find fresh fruits and vegetables. Fourth, the countryside is more picturesque than the towns. Village greenery and natural beauty are always a pleasure. Finally, it is cheaper to live in villages than in towns.

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