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My like and dislike paragraph

My like and dislike paragraph Answer Number 1

My like and dislike paragraph: I am a human being with my own likes and dislikings. Others may not like my views. Another thing is that I might be strongly opposed to the likes of others. In fact, people have different likes and dislikes. This is especially evident in student life. Although I don’t abandon reading, I enjoy playing.

Although I enjoy seeing beautiful natural sights, I’m reluctant to travel. I don’t like companionship and have few friends. As a student, it is important that I study hard for exams. It may not be something I love, but it is something I enjoy. I actually like my fellow students and have my own interests and dislikes.

My like and dislike paragraph Answer Number 2

As with all human beings, I have many interests and dislikes. My favorite color, TV shows, movies and actor-actresses are my favorites. I also love to talk about books, pets, music, sports, and music.

Red is my favorite color. Red is my favorite color. I love its beauty and glow.

Red-colored clothing is my favorite color. Because I find it very funny, “Just for Laughs”, is my favorite TV show. Because the characters of the movie are very similar to my family, “Big Happy Family” is my favorite movie. The characters have performed well in the roles they played.

Jessica Alba is my favorite Hollywood actress. Leonardo DiCaprio is my favorite Hollywood actor. Because I love the cheesy taste of Lasagna and the sauce, it is my favorite dish. Ravinder Singh’s “I Too Had a Love Story”, is my favorite book.

Ravinder’s tragic love story is told in his actual life. It is written in a touching manner. This book has made me cry 5 times. The series was addictive and I couldn’t put it down.

I love pets. Dogs are my favorite pet. Because they are good-behaved, I love the miniature snoozer. Gymnastics is my favorite sport. It has been my passion for five years. I’ve also been to many of the events. Country music is my favorite type of music.

There are many things I don’t like. Talking about my dislikes is a great way to discuss the colors I don’t like, the TV shows that make me sick, the movies I hate, the pets I hate, the foods I avoid, and so on. I generally like all colors, except brown, which I find very dark, dull, and nasty.

I don’t wear brown clothes and I rarely choose brown colors for any other purpose. Flying colors is the TV show I dislike the most. The title doesn’t suit the show. They show stories that are not based on real-life situations and they don’t make sense.

This game is both boring and stupid. Cats are not my favorite animal. I wouldn’t recommend anyone to have cats as pets. I love peas, but I can eat a variety of non-vegetarian and vegetarian food. Peas are a disgusting vegetable that I avoid because they squish in my mouth.

My like and dislike paragraph Answer Number 3

My likes and dislikes are my own, which may or not be appealing to others. Many things appeal to me, but they are all different in their importance. My home, school, city, pets, wristwatch, books, and parents are all things I love. They do so much for me and give me everything I need. I get a generous allowance from them and they are always available to offer sound advice.

I enjoy living an outdoor lifestyle. I love picnics and excursions. Every Sunday, I organize an excursion and convince my class-fellows and friends to join me. We visit many parks, gardens, the canal head, and the riverside. We love to bathe in the cold water from the river and canal.

Friends who are sincere and stand beside me through thick or thin are what I enjoy. Fair-weather friends can often leave you in the dust. I try to avoid their company. Aditi, the daughter of a local physician, is my best friend. She is beautiful and young, honest, straightforward, simple, and God-fearing. She is kind and helpful to everyone. She is an example of the proverb “A friend in trouble is a friend indeed”. She is a great help to me in my studies.

Morality and temperance are two of my favorite things. High thinking and simple living are my values. I believe in goodness and virtue, without which happiness is impossible.

I enjoy painting and other arts. I enjoy music, poetry, drama, and dancing. I love beauty and can appreciate its beauty. Keats, the famous poet, was right when he stated that “A thing of beauty will bring you joy for your whole life.” I love the beauty of snow-covered mountains, streams, lakes, springs, and setting suns. I love literature and art, as well as everything good about life.

This does not mean I like everything. However, my dislikes are just as strong as those I like.

I don’t like narrow nationalism. Some people are half patriots. They believe that “My country is right and wrong”. Dr. Johnson condemns this kind of patriotism, saying that “Patriotism the last resort for scoundrels” This narrow nationalism is responsible for Pakistan’s enmity towards India. While we may love our country, we shouldn’t hate any other country. All people in the world should be considered our brethren.

It is obvious that I don’t like bad things. I hate hypocrisy and greed. Greediness can be a curse. A greedy person is often heartless. He is selfish and has no empathy for the pain and suffering of others. He doesn’t care about his family, friends, and relatives. Sometimes, nations can also become selfish and greedy. They seek to prosper at the expense of others.

We all know that Germany was greedy and the two World Wars were fought. As I said, I hate hypocrisy. Some rogues would like to be saints. They are disgusting to me.

I also dislike ignorance and illiteracy. A blind man who is illiterate and ignorant is the same as a blind man.

Ignorance is a curse on humanity, a curse on society, and a threat to civilization. Ignorance is a lack of knowledge. A person who is illiterate is often overlooked. It doesn’t make any difference if you are an animal or an ignorant person. These people are more likely to be narrow-minded, superstitious, and selfish.

Finally, I enjoy hard work that is profitable and plenty of leisure time. It does not mean I want to be a Lotos Eater, who spends his time in idleness. I enjoy a lot of leisure and profitable work. Life would be dull and boring if there was no leisure.

My like and dislike paragraph Answer Number 4

Everyone has their likes and hats. These likes and dislikings can vary from one person to the next. Food habits: I prefer certain vegetables to meat, fish to meat, guava and apple, mango and jackfruit, and so forth. Pajamas are more comfortable than lungs at home. My favorite colors are light green and off-white. Yellow is not a color that attracts me. Classic Bangla songs are my favorite, but I don’t like the sound of pop songs. My favorite genres in reading are science fiction and short stories. I get up at dawn and go to bed by noon. My mind is filled with religious fervor and I detest any form of irreligious activity. I am surrounded by people who are good friends and avoid the pomp and grandeur of the wealthy. Cricket instills in me a sense of wonder and joy that football can’t. I love birds and flowers of every kind. I don’t like dogs and cats. My taste buds are affected by my surroundings, so I am able to choose my favorite or least favorite. My religious beliefs often influence my preferences and dislikes. Other than religious restrictions, they are not too restrictive for me. My family members appreciate my dislikes and likes, as they are not irritating or problem-creating.

My like and dislike paragraph Answer Number 5

There are many differences among us. One area that is common to all of them is our love and hate. This is due to our familial background, friends, and climatic conditions. However, our likes and dislikes help us understand ourselves. As with all people, I also have likes and dislikes.

Cleanliness is my first priority. I regard it as second only to God. Even though their tongue may be bitter, I love people whose hearts are clean. Beauty is all that I love. Beautiful things are the ones we can’t stop seeing. It fills me with joy to look at an elephant. Similar to how I feel when I look at an elephant and its work, it fills me with admiration and praise. Nature is something I love very much. This is a great source of consolation. It is a great shame to see how man, in his mad pursuit of material possessions, has lost all the true joy that comes with Nature. I love small children. They jump and hop like wild birds. Their faces are smooth and shiny. I admire their tiny fingers and small toes. I forget all my troubles when they are around. However, I hate chain smokers. Flattery is too dangerous to be around. They will never be our true friends and companions. False intellectuals are also a problem.

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