My home essay 10 lines | 8 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

This is My home essay 10 lines. You can be used it for classes 1, 2, 3, 4,  5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 1

  1.  My house is in Himachal Pradesh.
  2.  My house is made from bricks and beautiful stone.
  3.  My house is surrounded by greenery and fields.
  4.  My mother, father, brother, and grandmother all live in my home.
  5.  My house contains three bedrooms, a small kitchen, and an outside courtyard.
  6.  In my house, there is a study area where I study.
  7.  You can also garden in front of your house.
  8.  My house is light and airy.
  9.  The view outside of the house is stunning.
  10.  My house is my home.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 2

  1. My home is within Karol Bagh, Delhi.
  2. My home holds an important role in my daily life.
  3. My house’s color is blue, and it’s extremely airy.
  4. My house is kept neat and tidy.
  5. My house is divided into two rooms, as well as a huge courtyard kitchen, toilet, and bathroom.
  6. There’s also a study area as well as a hall for worship at my home.
  7. There’s a large landscape in front of my home where I like to play.
  8. My mother, father, and my brother and sister and father live in my house.
  9. We feel extremely safe in our home.
  10. My home is beautiful and I am in love with it.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 3

  1.  The place we call home is referred to as home.
  2.  The home is the most important space in our lives.
  3.  Our home is safe from the elements, whether or wild animals.
  4.  A home is a place of refuge for every living thing.
  5.  My home is in Pune city in India.
  6.  The home in which I reside is comprised consisting of 3 rooms. a kitchen and a bathroom.
  7.  There are four people living in my house.
  8.  There are many beautiful plants that are on my balcony.
  9.  The entire family keeps the house spotless and beautiful.
  10.  My house is gorgeous and beautiful.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 4

  1.  The name of my home has been Harekrushna Nivas.
  2.  My home is located in a town of a tiny size in Odisha State.
  3.  A pond is located just behind my home.
  4.  My mother makes sure that my home is tidy.
  5.  There’s a large kitchen in my home.
  6.  The math teacher will always come to my home to teach me.
  7.  I have a cat that lives in my home with me.
  8.  There’s a large market in the vicinity of my home.
  9.  The largest neem tree is just in front of my home.
  10.  I feel safe in my house.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 5

  1. My home is a beautiful home.
  2. My home is tidy and clean.
  3. There is a huge dining area in my house in which we all eat our meals.
  4. I planted many flowers in my home on the terrace.
  5. There are numerous paddy fields in the back of my home.
  6. There is a river that flows near my house.
  7. My mother and I decorate my home for a celebration
  8. Our family member visits my home at the event of any function.
  9. I am a fan of the prayers rooms in my home the most.
  10. My home has been the main thing in my entire life.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 6

  1. My home is beautiful from the inside.
  2. The house has two bedrooms. in my home.
  3. Two bathrooms as well as one kitchen in my house.
  4. We are four members of my family living at my home.
  5. There is a small, secluded garden in my home.
  6. Each room is huge and well-ventilated.
  7. My family lives with me in my home.
  8. In my home, there is a tiny drawing room for guests.
  9. My home is tiny because of my family’s size.
  10. I would like to build my own home for my family.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 7

  1. My house is large and gorgeous.
  2. I have many toys around my house.
  3. My house has two rooms that are down and two upstairs.
  4. My house’s walls are painted white, red as well as pink.
  5. My house is in the Paush region of Kurukshetra.
  6. There’s also a large church in my home.
  7. There’s a kitchen in my home where a lot of food items are made.
  8. There’s also a lovely landscape behind my house.
  9. There’s also a swing that I can use in the garden.
  10. My home has a terrace on which I play.

My home essay 10 lines Answer Number 8

  1.  I reside in a gorgeous home. It is situated in the city’s brand new and huge colony.
  2.  There’s an accessible bus stop There are also schools colleges, supermarkets, and schools.
  3.  In my home I am at ease, confident, and eager to stay as long as possible.
  4.  In my home, There are 3 bedrooms. a dining room, kitchen, and toilets.
  5.  In the front of our house, there is a huge plot where we’ve put up a flower garden.
  6.  In our backyard, we have planted seeds to plant vegetables.
  7.  My home is extremely spacious and well-lit.
  8.  Tiles, bricks, iron, and marbles were used in the construction of my house.
  9.  My home is tranquil and cozy, it’s mostly due to my parents who create a special ambiance in our home.
  10.  My family members enhance the beauty and appeal of my house. I love my home very greatly.

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