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My favourite scientist essay

My favourite scientist essay Answer Number 1

My favourite scientist essay: Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam is an internationally renowned name throughout the world. He is regarded as one of the most influential scientists of our time. Furthermore, he was the eleventh President of India and was a pillar of his nation. He was the most highly regarded person in India as his work in the field of science and as president is far beyond the norm. Beyond that his work with that the ISRO (Indian Space Research Organisation) is extraordinary. He was in charge of many projects that helped society and was also the person who was instrumental in the creation of the Agni and Prithvi missiles. In recognition of his work on Nuclear power in India, He was referred to as”the “Missile Man of India”. Due to his contribution to the nation, his government honored him with the most prestigious civilian honor.

Career and Contribution of APJ Abdul Kalam

APJ Abdul Kalam was born in Tamil Nadu. At the time of his birth, the financial situation of his parents was not great therefore, from a young age, he began supporting the family with money. But he did not give up on his education. While supporting his family, the student continued to study and graduated. In addition the fact that he was part of the Pokhran nuclear test in 1998.

There was a lot to the country of Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam for his country, however the most well-known was his most significant contribution, which is the development of missiles, which is known under the names Agni as well as Prithvi.

Presidency Period

The famous missile man became the president of India in 2002. While in his presidency the nation and the army had many achievements that added significantly to the country. He was a man of an open mind, which is why it was called the ‘people’s President. However, at the conclusion of his period, he wasn’t satisfied with his performance, which is why he was determined to become president again however, he later renounced his title.

Post-presidency Period

After leaving the presidency at the conclusion of his term, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam again returned to his original passion of instructing students. He taught at a number of famous and prestigious institutions of India situated across the nation. In addition, his opinion is that the nation’s youth is extremely talented, but they need to be given the chance to prove their worth. That’s the reason he helped them with their good work.

Awards and Honors

In his lifetime, In his life, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was not just honored and awarded by Indian committees and organizations, but also by numerous international committees and organizations.

Writings and Character

In his life the late during his lifetime, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam wrote several books. His most famous work was “India 2020,” which contains a strategy to transform India into an all-powerful nation.

Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was a man with simplicity and integrity. His schedule was full working that he got up to work in the early morning, and then worked until midnight.

Death of APJ Abdul Kalam

He passed away while giving a lecture to students at Shillong after an unexpected cardiac attack in the year 2015. He was an exceptional scientist and pioneer engineer who dedicated his life to serving the nation and even died while serving it. He had the vision to create India an outstanding nation. According to him, youngsters, are the most valuable strengths of our country, which is why we must encourage and inspire the youth.

My favourite scientist essay Answer Number 2

It is crucial to have an example to motivate us to become an individual in the future, to leave a permanent mark on history. With a passion for science, my favourite person to be a role model and scientist has always been Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam, one of the top scientists in India’s space program. He was as well the President who was president of India

The story of Dr.Kalam is a story of perseverance that contains many lessons we can take from both the viewpoint of science, as well as to improve us as individuals and ourselves.


He was born to an upper-middle-class Tamil family living in the city located in Rameswaram within the State of Madras. His father Jainulabdeen was not a recipient of formal education nor was he rich. In spite of these obstacles, he had the capacity to be a great thinker along with a truly charitable soul.

The mother of his son Ashiiamma was a woman full of love for all. She was a great cook and each day at home, far more people dined than the entire family.

Young Dr.Kalam had many siblings. He was small with an unpretentious appearance. His father was always preaching and practicing living a lifestyle without any unnecessary indulgences.


ApJ Abdul Kalam since early childhood himself Dr. Kalam had a tremendous desire to learn about science. The pursuit of knowledge had always been the goal he aimed for. The physics teacher in his school had played a key role in shaping his talent of his to change the Indian scientific community.

After completing his bachelor’s degree in sciences in Physics and Chemistry, he wished to pursue engineering studies. To fund this dream that he had, his mother loaned her gold bangles in order to get funds. In the beginning of his academic year at engineering’s Madras Institute of Technology, Kalam always

The dream of flying was a priority for him and he decided to pursue aeronautical engineering to be his area of expertise.

After having graduated from the Madras Institute of Technology, Dr. Kalam joined the Defense Research and Space Organization (DRDO).

His work was so intense and important that after nine years of work at ISRO, he was assigned over to the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) as the project director for the country’s very first Satellite Launch Vehicle (SLV-III) that, after 10 years of work, came into existence, putting its Rohini Satellite in the near-earth orbit.


The history that led to this SLV development can also teach us something important about Dr.Kalam who was a man with a lot of faith and determination. The ISRO team had to overcome numerous setbacks prior to the Rohini satellite being successfully launched in 1980.

In the mid-70s when they planned to launch a vehicle, instead of taking it into orbit the satellite failed and crashed into the Bay of Bengal. Everyone, except Dr.Kalam, was devastated. When it was time for the press conference the doctor did not let anyone from his team take to the stage. He himself had to deal with all the criticisms and negative remarks.

In the years following, after the mission was successful, during the press conference Dr.Kalam was present at the back of the room and told his team to walk on the stage and claim the credit. This attitude is a hallmark of Dr. Kalam is truly remarkable as a scientist and as an individual. He was a perfect leader in times when he had to confront setbacks with a vengeance He was the one who took the blame and when the desired result was attained, he gave all the glory to his staff.


Dr.Kalam from the time of his studenthood had a dream to fly. Therefore, he applied for the test to become a fighter pilot. He was not accepted, but only by a small margin. He got nine votes for the position that was vacant with only eight spots.

After this loss, the man was devastated and at times thought of giving up and becoming an exemplary saint. However, it was due to his indomitable spirit that he didn’t abandon the fight and explored other avenues where his abilities could be utilized to the fullest extent.

His accomplishments as a scientist

Dr.Kalam had an extremely illustrious career as a scientist

that successfully launched the satellite Rohini in orbit through the SLV-III.

In the 1980s, he was the leader of India’s missile program in the 1980s. Under his direction, India became a major military power following the success in the wars of Agni as well as Prithvi.

Not only in the realm of defense and aviation. Dr.Kalam’s dedication to the advancement of the nation had no boundaries and there was no limit to his work. In 1998, together with the cardiologist, Dr.Soma Raju Kalam invented a low-cost coronary catheter. It was called “Kalam-Raju Stent” honoring them

In 1998 in 1998, the Pokhran-II tests demonstrated India’s nuclear capabilities to the world. Mr. Kalam’s contribution was crucial in the development.

His opinions on war

Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam had an interesting view on warfare and weapons. He was a peace-loving person until his death, and never was a victim of any type of violence in order to reach a particular goal. He was however convinced that every nation should be self-sufficient in terms of armory, and their arsenal of weapons should be as strong. He believed that weapons are essential to stop the possibility of war. He used to refer to nuclear weapons of peace’.

He is a lover of All

Dr. Kalam while serving his term as President made every effort to bring science to the masses, but also to bring the people closer to the authorities.

He was well-known for his trips across India in order to interact with students and address groups, inspiring them with his wise words. He was a great lover of children and children loved him as well. He is believed as the most educated and approachable President this country has ever had.


Dr.Kalam is most likely one of the top scientists and wise minds this country has ever seen. His work and life will inspire nearly everyone. He has had to face all kinds of difficulties and come through them with dazzling accomplishments. His life will serve as an inspiration to everyone and will continue to be an inspiration to generations to come.

My favourite scientist essay Answer Number 3

My favorite researcher was Thomas Alva Edison. When he was a kid Edison was believed a fool. He wasn’t focused on his studies and did not perform well in school. His compassionate and wise mother however succeeded by teaching her son the basics of education – reading, writing, and math.

Affected by poverty Edison was forced to work for money at a young age. However, from the time he was a child Edison enjoyed conducting a variety of experiments that led to him being ridiculed by the general public. A friendly railway guard let Edison set up his lab and printing press in a compartment on the train. In addition to selling candles and fruits, Edison published his own newspaper that he edited and printed by him. A bottle burst and the flammable (easily sparking fire) substance inside set a blaze on some boards. The guard was furious and ordered Young Thomas along with his equipment and printing press out of the station.

Edison continued to carry out his research at home. He was one day with an operator for telegraph at the station. one of his kids ran towards an approaching train and jumped onto the tracks. Edison ran forward at lightning speed and pulled the child to safety while the train whizzed past. The operator, in gratitude, taught him how to telegraph. Edison quickly became an expert in telegraph operation.

He soon stumbled upon an amazing opportunity. In the meantime, Telegraph Company of New York had a problem. Their engineers were unable to solve the issue within their system. Edison was willing to discover the issue and quickly put the system up for operation. Edison was awarded an impressive reward, and he established a lab and a factory that he had created.

Edison has long-term hopes of seeing entire cities lit with electricity. The Darklight used during the period was costly and couldn’t be used on a large scale. He was thinking of filaments (a fine thread) that would produce luminescence when it was charged by electricity. He tested various materials, but they soon burned out. He sent out a team looking for appropriate material and eventually was able to obtain a specific kind of cane that was made to serve the users. The lamp he had created was lit for several weeks and even nights. The design was refined, and, today, there is lighting not just on the streets, but also inside every home. In addition, it’s quite affordable.

Edison’s inventions Edison are numerous enough to list here. Two of his most remarkable inventions are worthy of attention. These are the gramophone as well as cinematography. After a long and arduous effort that stretched for several years, Edison was able to create the concept of photography. The concept behind this is quite simple. Through an instrument that draws the sound onto an object. The needle is then set to move and, using the diaphragm (a special fiber or metal plate) the sound is recreated.

One of their most significant contributions to scientific advancement is the work he did on cinematography. The credit for this amazing invention is given to a single person the credit belongs to Edison.

The world laughed at the young Thomas Alva Edison when he attempted to make an egg to mimic the appearance of the goose mother or forced his friend to swallow Seidlitz powder with the hopes that it would release the gas inside the body that would allow the bird to take flight. However, the work of Edison has not only amazed the world but has also helped humanity. Although Edison was rich in wealth fame and money, the man was aiming at neither. His relentless efforts were focused on enriching the world through the latest knowledge in science. He was able to achieve in achieving his goals. This is why he is my favorite scientist.

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