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My favourite author paragraph

My favourite author paragraph Answer Number 1

My favourite author paragraph: My favourite book is by Rabindranath Tagore. I discovered a love for reading due to this renowned author. His birth date was the 7th of May 1861 at the Jorasanko mansion in Calcutta. The father of his was Debendranath Tagore, and his mom was Sarada Devi. It was interesting to note that when I was a small kid, my mother frequently read stories about Rabindranath Tagore during the time of bed. I was intrigued by his tales. Each one of his stories contains an important lesson to help me see things from a different angle. They encouraged me to be an improved person.

Not only as an author, but also because I am a fan of and admire Rabindranath Tagore as an individual. The Bengali writer loved his home country, India, and worked to make it better. He spoke out for British rule. British and played a significant part in the struggle for freedom of India. He tried to trigger the revolution through his writing. While he came from an affluent family but he was solid and had a gentle spot for the poor. He was a kind as well as a gentle person. He was a tireless advocate for the improvement of the less fortunate. He motivated people to get an education because it was necessary to lead a more fulfilling life. He might have had lavish lifestyles, but he opted to serve his countrymen and the country. He endured many trials to achieve this goal. The great man had lost his last breath on 7

Rabindranath Tagore wasn’t just an author, but also a painter, musician as well as a religious reformer, educator and cultural advocate. He was an absolute patriot. He was a great admirer of his country and a deep love for his fellow citizens. Although he lived a somewhat troubled personal life, it didn’t hinder his determination to write inspirational novels and do his best to help those who were around him. His work was widely acclaimed. Many famous authors and poets including the famous poet W.B Yeats admired his work. He also received the Noble Prize for his book, Gitanjali in 1913.

My favourite author paragraph Answer Number 2

Books are the best companions we have. In addition to the books we read for school in school, we also read numerous other books to keep us active. We read a variety of non-fictional and fictional books in a variety of genres. The storybooks allow us to escape into a different world without being physical. The authors of these books deserve to be credited for the whole effort and effort they’ve put into expanding our minds and delighting us. While I’ve read many types of books, they’ve given me new perspectives concepts, ideas, and virtues. But, if asked what my favorite author is, I’d claim it’s Sudha Murty.

It was in my school days when I was in the 9th grade. The English Reader Book had a story written by Sudha Murthy, titled “How I Taught My Grandmother to Read”. The story was a brief tale set in the backdrop of India within a middle-class family. The story was not a narrative but a true-life story that was the story of Sudha Murty. I was ecstatic to learn about her personal experiences and the deeply-rooted beliefs in the story that was my favorite after the first reading.

After that, I was intrigued to learn more about her writings. I then bought the novel written by her called “The Dollar Bahu”. It was an incredible novel that told the story of life in India’s rural region, and also some important messages. After that, I go through the book “Wise and Otherwise”, which is a collection of short tales or real-life stories of her life, in which she encountered a range of individuals. Some were extremely generous and generous, while others exhibited their jinxed homophobia-like attitude. Additionally, I was given the chance to read a number of her other works, including Mahasweta’s The House of Cards, Gently Falls the Bakula, The Mother I didn’t know, The Day I stopped drinking milk along with the Old Man and his God.

She also wrote numerous books for children, including How the Sea Becomes Salty, The Upside Down King, The Daughter From A Wishing Tree The mystery of the lost Grandma’s Bag of Stories 1 as well as Grandma’s Bag of Stories 2.

Sudha Murthy is from Shiggaon located in The North part of Karnataka State. The prolific author has written numerous books about her Indian background for all age groups. They include a variety of religious tales of Hindus. Sudha Murty is the chairperson of Infosys Fountain. She is an extremely knowledgeable lady with a Master’s Degree in Technology in Computer Science. However, despite her credentials, fame, and fame, she is extremely humble and also participates in numerous charitable causes. She also is the recipient from Padmashri, the Padmashri award.

What is it that makes Sudha Murty stand out from other writers is that she’s extremely specific about her subject and also has real-life realism in her writing. Additionally, she writes in a colloquial English language, allowing readers to comprehend it without having to consult an English dictionary. The writings she writes are extremely accessible. Her books have also been translated into a variety of languages. She is a modest woman in a simple dress who is always learning from all sources and sharing her knowledge. She, without a doubt, is a shining gem among individuals and writers.

My favourite author paragraph Answer Number 3

Of the many English writers, my personal favourite among them is Sir Walter Scott. The novels he wrote include Guy Mannering, Old Morality, Ivanhoe, The Talisman. Guy Mannering and Old Morality focus on Scotland and are among my favorites. Ivanhoe is about English historical events. The Talisman is about the Continent. The universe of Scott was huge. His novels covered a variety of nations.

In my spare time, I read one of his books among my books. When I read, I am engaged in the book, and let me feel like I am part of the story. I forget my real self and imagine myself as an individual character in the story. I’m often so enthralled by it that I am not able to hear my mother calling for dinner. For me, reading Scott’s books is the most wonderful thing that you can do. It’s a source of delight to me. It makes me feel happy in my free time. It makes me forget about the insanity of the men who are around. These books stand up to the years.

I love Scott’s narrative style, the freshness, and the speed of action. Scott through his novels exposes the riches of the world of imagination and adventure for me. Naturally, his books feed my imagination of me and enhance my senses. His books are extremely real and depict people who look more commonplace and yet possess creative skills. His books are so simple that they create for me a connection to the characters of his books, particularly with Lvanhope.

It’s not difficult to see that he wrote about the joys of sorrow, hope, and dreams of his fellow Scottish people. He was the first to create the romantic genre in novels. Some of his predecessors published historical fiction however none were influenced by historical realistic fiction. They couldn’t inspire a willingness to suspend doubt. However, Scott mixed romanticism with historical facts. He reconstructed the past while transforming the present back into the past. He utilized the knowledge of his time in his works. So, he made humans the characters of his time. He was the master of pageants. He arranged a procession throughout the years. It was a celebration of every level of humankind from kings to clowns took part. Scott is a master of writing and in the act. His novels show us how to manage subtlety various aspects of our lives. This is why I consider him to be my favorite author.

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