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My classroom paragraph

My classroom paragraph Answer Number 1

My classroom paragraph: My classroom is large. It is very spacious, with four ceiling fans that are sufficient for all students. There is also a desert cooler in one corner. I have 80 students in my class, and they all help each other.

Projectors are also available for teaching in the classroom. There is a large garden that faces my class where the children can play after the holidays. And there are two large skylights in my room.

It houses four fans and two tube lights. A small cupboard is located in the corner of my classroom, where we keep our files. My classroom is just a few steps from an administrative block. It has two large verandahs. There are two doors on each side that allow for cross ventilation. A large window is located on one wall. On both sides of the verandah are small passages that lead to grass lawns. Some flowers can also be grown in these smaller spaces.

My class has pictures of prominent persons, charts created by students, and maps. There is also a slope running along one wall. The table and chair are for the teacher. For the teacher to use chalk, the blackboard is located behind the DAS.

My classroom paragraph Answer Number 2

My school has a lovely classroom. It’s located on the eastern side of our main academic building. It can be found on the first floor. It faces south. It’s a very nice room. It has eight windows and two doors. We get enough air in the classroom. Our room has two fans. We have a table and a chair in our room. The teacher will sit on the chair, while the student will use the table to hold his book. Our classroom has 25 high and 25 low benches. Our books are kept on high benches while we sit on low benches. The benches are in a row of three. Our classroom also has a blackboard. It is used to write on and explain things by the teacher. When asked, we also write on it. My classroom is very special to me. It is a sacred space of learning. It was a sacred place of learning. My teachers advised me to keep it clean. Clean environments are good for the mind. Therefore, I work closely with my classmates to maintain a clean classroom.

My classroom paragraph Answer Number 3

My classroom is located on the first floor. My classroom is comfortable and windy. Outside, the view is of trees and the sky. Students help keep the classroom clean.

My school classroom is large and spacious. Our classroom has six windows. I enjoy sitting by the windows. There are soft boards that have lots of charts and other crafts. Our classroom has a nature corner. The nature corner contains many plants. Behind the teacher’s desk is a huge blackboard. There are four rows of chairs and desks for students.

My classroom is a place where I can share many good times with my teachers and friends. I enjoy being in my classroom and learning. Next year, I will miss my classroom. It’s a place of refuge for me.

My classroom paragraph Answer Number 4

I am a student at Shanti Niketan’s Springdales School class V. There are fifty classrooms. My class is on the ground floor. I am in room No. 38. It is located near the staff area. My classroom is big. It has two doors and fowl ventilators. There are also two windows. The iron bars are used for the windows. My classroom’s floor and ceiling are cemented. There is also a blackboard on the wall. The room has been whitewashed. The room has thirty-five chairs and desks for students. Each desk has a shelf where students can store their notebooks and books. The teacher can sit on an armchair or at a table. An almirah is located against the wall. These almirahs house the teacher’s notebook, chalk sticks, and duster. Two dustbins are located in the classroom. The room has six tube lights and five ceiling fans. My classroom is very enjoyable.

My classroom paragraph Answer Number 5

My name is Sheena, and I am a ninth-grader. My school is Vikarunnesa Noon College and School. It is the largest and most well-known institute in the area. Our classroom is huge and spacious. There can be 100 girls in the classroom. Sahana Begum is our class teacher.

She is a great teacher and helps keep the classroom clean and tidy. We have all learned from her how to keep our classroom clean and beautiful. Because of our efforts, our classroom looks great. Let me tell you about our classroom.

There are a total number of four doors and ten Windows. There are three air conditioners, ten fans, and six energy bulbs. It is a huge room. It can seat more than 100 people. Our classroom is home to a lot of students. We don’t make too much noise. In class, we try to be quiet.

Our class captain keeps an eye on all the class. The previous month, I was the class captain. It is difficult to be a class captain. My classroom is a special place that I love. We are constantly trying to improve it and add more items.

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