My brother essay 10 lines | 5 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

My brother essay 10 lines

My brother essay 10 lines Answer Number 1

  1. My brother’s name is Jhon.
  2. He’s only 18 years old.
  3. My older brother and I are my ones and only best friend.
  4. He is not only my brother and a mentor to me, but he also serves as an example to me.
  5. He is a real person who is an honest, helpful, and hardworking man.
  6. We all do things together.
  7. He is the most important person in my world.
  8. My older brother happens to be the smartest student.
  9. He always encourages and comforts me whenever I’m upset.
  10. He’s a wonderful person and I love my brother very deeply.

My brother essay 10 lines Answer Number 2

  1. Rahul is my older brother.
  2. He is an educator.
  3. He’s tall and strong.
  4. The height of his figure of 5’6 inches.
  5. He is a good and great gentleman.
  6. He aids students with low grades in their studies.
  7. He has written several publications in English.
  8. Sometimes he even teaches me English grammar.
  9. I really love my brother.
  10. My brother is great brother.

My brother essay 10 lines Answer Number 3

  1. The name of my brother is Rakesh.
  2. My brother is five years younger than me.
  3. He is currently enrolled in the 12th grade.
  4. Since childhood, he’s adept at reading and playing among our sisters and brothers.
  5. My brother has a wonderful habit of helping others.
  6. Also, my brother has become my most trusted friend.
  7. He’s 6 feet high and is a nice body.
  8. He enjoys playing and walking, as well as writing and reading.
  9. Respect for the elders and love for younger ones are among his best ways to live.
  10. I am thankful to say that God provided me with an amiable brother.

My brother essay 10 lines Answer Number 4

  1. My brother’s name was Akash.
  2. He has just graduated from Delhi University.
  3. My sweet, loving brother.
  4. He is extremely intelligent and knowledgeable.
  5. My brother is always at the top in his classes.
  6. He assists me in my research.
  7. My brother and I have no beef with one another.
  8. He is an avid cricket player and football.
  9. He is very entertaining and tells me great stories.
  10. He’s not just my brother, but also a very good friend.

My brother essay 10 lines Answer Number 5

  1. My younger brother is, whose surname Rishi.
  2. He’s very prankish and is one year older than me.
  3. My younger brother is a lovely mischievous smile and bright eyes.
  4. We go to the same institution and also play together after returning to our homes.
  5. He is a smart boy who scores high scores in his examinations.
  6. My brother is extremely friendly and polite and is loved by everyone.
  7. He frequently shares his chocolates, sweets, and candies with me.
  8. He is a fan of playing ladders and snakes, and plays with me on weekends.
  9. He has everything shared with me and is comfortable talking about his schoolmates, classes, and his homework with me.
  10. I cherish my brother so much and will always ask God to help him grow to be a reputable and successful person in the world.

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