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Mothers Day Essay

Mothers Day Essay Answer Number 1

Mothers Day Essay: Mothers are the primary teacher and also the first child’s friends. She is the one who carries her child into her baby’s womb for nine years and loves her baby by giving all the love and affection she can. She is able to discern every gesture of her child from the moment they were born. She cherishes her children with love and helps them to follow the right path to success in the world. She cares for her children and makes sure they are safe throughout the day. The celebration of Mother’s Day is to thank our mothers, to express our gratitude and love for them.

Origin of Mother’s Day

Celebrations of Mother’s Day first started in the nation of Greece It is now celebrated all around the globe. Every mother will be there for her child for the rest of her entire life. The depth of mothers’ sacrifice isn’t feasible for anyone, nor could we be able to repay the incomparable gifts and love we receive from our mothers. It is our responsibility to care for our mothers and to cherish and cherish them. Mother’s Day is celebrated to make mothers feel special and show our affection for them. While it’s celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May every year it is important to celebrate each day of the week in the spirit of Mother’s Day to make our mothers feel special.

Methods of Celebration

Every child would like to have a celebration of Mother’s Day in a special manner. Some send gifts to their mothers, while others cook them meals, while others cut cakes. People have a celebration at home, and some take it to a restaurant and enjoy it. Of all the costly things handmade presents always hold an important space in the heart of mothers. Many people go with their mothers on a trip for the day and spend time with their moms.


Mom is usually the primary thing the child looks to return home. She cares for her children right from the moment they are born until the time they die. We can’t even begin to list the many ways they have contributed to our lives or the many things they do from dawn until night. Mothers carry out every task and responsibility all day long, even when they’re exhausted. They do not want anything in return for the affection they shower on us and the way in which they give us a treat. We can however give a huge thank you to the mothers in our lives for all the things she gives us.

Our mothers should be respected by treating them well. A mother is the one who determines the personality and character that her kids develop. Mothers play a significant part in the development and growth of their kids. She is the one who takes care of everything her child needs. Mothers are the primary teacher of their children. She is devoted to her children and through every challenge, she stands with her children and assists them through the rough and tough. A mother prevents her children from doing wrong and dissuades them from doing so when they choose to take the wrong track. She is adamant and directs them the right way and that’s the reason moms are often called the primary teacher for every child.

A mother’s entire life revolves around her children. It is our obligation to care for our mothers, not to let them feel unhappy or disrespected, and, no matter what, you do, don’t let them down when they’re hard on us. Mothers always encourage their children and inspire them to go forward and be more productive in their lives. The happiness of a mother is contingent on her children. If your child is unhappy, she is not happy.

However old an infant has, once he returns home, he’s always eager to meet her first. If a child is in trouble, he will go to his mother to seek assistance. She forgets about her own desires while satisfying the desires of other children. She feeds her kids their favorite meals She also reads stories to them. She also helps with the preparation of the school projects for her children as well as assists students with their studies. Mothers instill in their children good ethics, manners, equity, and compassion. For every child, their mother is the most valuable present in his life.

Celebration in School

Mother’s Day is celebrated with huge pomp in a lot of schools. Mothers are invited to visit their children’s school on the day. Children use different strategies to make their mom feel special. Some children write essays for their mothers and then create a speech for them to tell them how important they are to their moms. Children make cards for their moms, while others perform songs, and some give their mothers their most loved items. Today, a variety of games are played at schools that mothers are able to play along alongside their children.

Mother’s Day Celebrations in Different Countries

Mothers are revered in every world culture. They are considered to be the ultimate representation of love and sacrifice. They are renowned for their affection and love across the world. All countries celebrate Mother’s Day in a different manner.


In the country of India, Mother’s Day is celebrated with the whole family or with a pilgrimage. The main purpose of Mother’s Day is to honor the hard work and sacrifices of mothers and honor mothers with gifts and affection.

The process of pilgrimage involves visiting a pond revered as sacred. The ritual is performed to bring peace to the mother’s soul. It is observed according to the lunar position in the sky.


Australia has a long-standing tradition of celebrations on Mother’s Day filled with different traditions. Mothers receive flowers and a trip to church is a tradition. Mothers who lost their children in the war were honored by others in society.


Celebration of Mother’s Day was not a part of the customs in Bangladesh. The custom was brought to people by the increasing influence of western culture. It’s not yet observed in all parts of the world but people who live in cities usually have the gift of a cake or a present.


It is believed that in Brazil, Mother’s Day was originally advertised through Brazil’s Catholic Church. Today, it is celebrated by families through the exchange of gifts, similar to the western holiday. It is not recognized as a holiday that is officially recognized.


Mother’s Day has not been declared a holiday by the federal administration of Canada. The holiday is considered to be a personal event that is held with family members. Mothers and grandmothers are presented with gifts from their families.


In the beginning, it was thought of as it was viewed as a US holiday that was initially viewed as a US holiday. But, the government allowed its citizens to observe Mother’s Day. This is justified for the reason that the holiday is in line with the ethical values and traditions of the Chinese people.

Thus, Mother’s Day is celebrated in China to give respect to mothers. Flowers are usually purchased by people on behalf of their mothers. Carnations and flowers are the most sought-after option here.


The celebration of Mother’s Day became a common tradition across Egypt as well as Arabic countries in the second part of the century. The celebration is celebrated by singing and expressing gratitude and respect to mothers.


The concept that we should celebrate Mother’s Day became popular in France during World War I due to US soldiers stationed there. The French government of France began awarding moms who had large families. Today, however, it is an event for the business and is celebrated with cards and gifts.


In Germany in the early years, the holiday on Mother’s Day began to promote the concept of motherhood. At first, the holiday did not focus on recognizing the uniqueness of motherhood. Instead, it was a way to boost the number of people living there. It was declared a national holiday, and prizes were awarded to mothers who had an abundance of children.


At first, Mother’s Day was not observed in Mexico because it was viewed as a holiday of the capitalist class within the US. But, nowadays the holiday can be celebrated with great joy to celebrate mothers. The day typically begins with a special song dedicated to mothers and for the remainder of the day, families are able to spend time with loved ones.


Russia honors the heroism and selflessness traits of women. It is a common practice to observe women’s day as well as Mother’s Day together in Russia. The 8th of March commemorates the contributions of women and is designated as a holiday by the Russian government.


The Spanish celebrate Mother’s Day in a variety of ways. In Spain, Mother’s Day is celebrated not just by children but also by the entire family. Mothers receive gifts by all members of the family. The children usually make the gifts on their own or with the help of their teachers.

In Spain, The Month of May in Spain is often attributed in honor of Mother Mary. Mother’s Day is therefore celebrated on the first Sunday in May.


Within the United States of America, mothers are honored with flowers. It’s become a tradition to mark Mother’s Day by buying colored cards, carnations, etc. People who lost their mothers typically purchase white flowers. It is also commonplace to attend a church service during Mother’s Day.


The bond that a mother has with her child of her children is unique that it’s cherished for a lifetime by children as well as their mothers. A single day isn’t enough to be enough to appreciate motherhood. we must make every day as memorable in the same way as Mother’s Day to shower our affection on our mothers. We should be thankful for all the small things mothers love us each and every day. Nothing is more precious to motherhood than children’s love and affection. Let us all pledge to make each day memorable for our mothers and make her day filled with love and happiness.

Mothers Day Essay Answer Number 2


Mother’s Day is a global celebration of honoring mothers, even though it is observed at different times in different nations. Mother’s Day was first observed in the United States in 1908 by the efforts of Anna Jarvis, a social reformer.

Why is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Anna Jarvis was a social activist in the United States who is also recognized as the originator of the modern Mother’s Day celebration. Jarvis’s mother was a social worker who was an organizer for the community in the American Civil War and founded Mother’s Day Work Clubs. She was adamant to have a national holiday celebrated to honor mothers who have made a difference in society and family.

Anna Jarvis took the responsibility to fulfill her mother’s wishes and began campaigns across the United States in support of Mother’s Day, after the loss of her mother in 1905.

The federal government in the United States firstly refused to recognize her demands. However, Mother’s Day became popular across the country.

In 1914, the 28th President of the United States, Woodrow Wilson was the first president to give his approval to the celebration of Mother’s Day as a national holiday that would be celebrated on the 2nd Sunday in May. Since then, Mother’s Day has become a worldwide event that celebrates motherhood and the love for mothers.

Mother’s Day in India

Similar to the United States, India celebrates Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May.

In the Indian traditional social system, Mother’s Day isn’t celebrated as a special occasion but instead as a grand celebration. Many countries have linked their important religious or historical celebrations to Mother’s Day; India on its own has taken this tradition from that of the United States.

This is why Indians are known to celebrate Mother’s Day privately with the mother members of their family. The tradition is to give gifts and cards to their mothers. The holiday is extensively promoted by both electronic and print media with many brands seeking to attract customers with heartfelt commercials about the dedication and love of a mother.

The Day is celebrated more lavishly by the wealthy communities mostly in the Indian city. The rich give lavish presents to their mothers, and host parties or eat out. Many in middle-class Indian society still see the day as a chance to express gratitude to mothers and honor them.


Mother’s Day is celebrated all around the world on various dates, but with one goal in mind to celebrate the motherhood of a woman. In light of the contribution of mothers to their families as well as to the community, Mother’s Day is a significant event.

Mothers Day Essay Answer Number 3


Mother’s Day is celebrated on various dates across the world to remember mothers and pay tribute to their sacrifice, love, and suffering in support of their family members. While there isn’t a specific date to celebrate Mother’s Day, it is usually celebrated between March and May.

Mother’s Day – An Initiative by Anna Jarvis

Anna Maria Jarvis (1864-1948) born in West Virginia, United States was credited as the person who invented the modern Mother’s Day. The idea was reportedly conceived via her maternal grandmother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, who had expressed her wish to honor mothers within a family for the endless and unending services they offer to their family as well as society.

Ann Reeves Jarvis was a social worker who also established Mother’s Day Work Clubs. The daughter of Ann Reeves Jarvis, Anna Maria Jarvis knew about her mother’s wish for an occasion to remember the mothers of the world from an early age.

A little over three years following the passing of her mom in 1905, a memorial ceremony was set up by him in 1908 to honor of the mother she had lost. It was held at St. Andrew’s Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia.

Initially, the idea to establish Mother’s Day as an official holiday was rejected by U.S. Congress; nevertheless, several states began to observe the holiday around 1911.

The efforts by Anna Jarvis bore fruits when Woodrow Wilson, the 28th president of the United States, constituted Mother’s Day as an official holiday of the nation, to be observed on the Sunday following Mother’s Day of the month of May.

When is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

There is no universally accepted date for the celebration of Mother’s Day and it is celebrated in various countries on various dates or on specific days of the week.

At first, several countries followed the custom in that of the United States, of celebrating Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. India also observes Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May.

There were many prior holidays that were dedicated to motherhood, such as Mothering Sunday. Mothering Sunday observed in the United Kingdom since the 16th century, was popularized in the 20th century in the form of Mother’s Day.

Countries have adopted the date of Mother’s Day as per their local customs or their historical or religious significance. For instance, many Catholic nations have adopted the day to be Virgin Mary Day. For instance, in Bolivia, Mother’s Day is celebrated on the 27th of May to honor motherhood in Bolivia during a significant 19th-century battle in which they bravely fought to defend their homes as well as their children.

In some countries, for instance, the ones in Russia or Ukraine; International Women’s Day gets more popular every year.

How is Mother’s Day Celebrated?

Mother’s Day is celebrated to honor mothers for the devotion and affection they lavish on not just their families but the entire society. They are acknowledged for the hardships they must endure taking care of their children and their families.

People and communities are able to celebrate Mother’s Day in their own manner. In countries where the holiday is associated with a historical occasion, it is celebrated in a collective way as a celebration. People gather to pay respect to women and mothers in any way that is possible.

Many nations including India have moved to a more strict celebration where people remember and express gratitude to their mothers with gifts and other items. Everything from flowers to costly jewelry is given and everyone leaves no stone unturned in order to keep their mothers satisfied.

Although Mother’s Day is a day to show your appreciation to your mom for her kindness and love it’s also been extremely commercialized.


Mother’s Day is a significant day to show your appreciation to mom for her unending love and dedication for your family and you. Keep in mind that there is no truer example of affection than your mother. It’s not essential to buy her presents but at the very least, spending time every day with her can make her feel happier.

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