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Man and tree paragraph

Man and tree paragraph Answer Number 1

Man and tree paragraph: Man and trees are two of the most important elements of the larger entire called life. God made trees to serve as man’s life-support system. Without trees, the life of man would be a dull wilderness, devoid of the promise and optimism of life. Omniscient God recognized man’s numerous necessities for survival, and so God made a living god known as trees to assist man to live a healthy, joyful, and awe. Trees are the foundation of life. They are the angels who give life. They provide oxygen to man and rain, as well as wood, and fruits, and make the world appear stunning. Man’s life would be impossible without trees. But, from the very beginning of humanity on Earth, man has been molesting and abusing trees. He has recklessly cut down trees and burned the trees. For those who love trees, life is heaven. Without them, it’s hell. Man must grasp the necessity of trees in the near future or the world will end.

Man and tree paragraph Answer Number 2

Trees are the greatest human companions. Living things on earth rely primarily on trees. Trees have the natural ability to draw rain and stop soil erosion and flooding. Trees supply us with a significant quantity of oxygen and also absorb carbon dioxide, the most toxic element. Therefore, trees aid in maintaining the balance of nature. Trees supply us with a variety of important elements like food, fruits as well as medicine, rubber, and many more without which our civilization would not thrive as well. Trees, plants, and leaves are utilized as manure to improve the fertility of the soil. In addition, they are a natural source of beauty that bring joy to our souls and recharge our minds. So, plants and trees are our ever-lasting friends. However, today trees are brutally cut down by a few improper plantation practices and the protection of trees for our own survival.

Man and tree paragraph Answer Number 3

Man needs trees to live because, without them, there would be no oxygen and we’ll drown in the smoldering air. Man relies on trees to provide shelter, food, and oxygen. Even the water we drink from underground we drink is filtered thanks to trees. There are a variety of trees, and each has its own worth however when they’re cultivated together they create the forest. Forests aid in keeping the proper amount of rain.

Everything in the ecosystem is interconnected and the same is true for humans and trees. Man needs oxygen to survive and release carbon dioxide in the same way as trees require carbon dioxide in order to breathe as well as release oxygen. In addition, using the wood of tree branches, it is possible to build comfortable furniture and keep ourselves comfortable in winter by creating an attractive fireplace as well as the home. For this, it is the responsibility of man to take care to water the plants and plant seeds in order that we don’t ever run out of forests.

As we evolve as grow, we are removing every day to build cities. We forget that if there were no trees there is no human footprints left on the planet. It is essential for each one of us to take care of trees since cutting trees in this proportion, eventually, the trees will disappear and humans are likely to be a threatened species.

Man and tree paragraph Answer Number 4

Man is completely dependent on plants. They are our lifeline in every way in every moment, in every moment. We can’t live without Trees. Trees are among our best and dear friends. They provide us with oxygen to help us live and also absorb harmful carbon dioxide that is a major threat to us. We get from them rubber, paper, resin fibers, honey, herbs gum, wax, and many more. The fruits we love as well as the clothes we put on are all derived from trees. However, unfortunately, humans have been cutting down Trees in reckless ways. They have been building towns and factories by cutting down forests. The trees are the most beautiful spots of nature. There is a shift in the environment that is causing the falling of Trees. Therefore, the need for planting is urgent. It is imperative to create Trees to save humanity. Therefore, it’s nothing more than stupidity to kill a goose that produces golden eggs. “Trees are the earth’s endless effort to speak to the listening heaven”The quote is by Rabindranath Tagore.

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