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Magic show paragraph

Magic show paragraph answer Number 1

Magic show paragraph: On Sunday, the famous magician from India Dev Dutta, Sarkar came to our town. The magician performed a show at our town hall at the end of the day. I was there to watch the show. The hall was filled to capacity, however, I managed to get in the front row. When the famous magician entered the stage, he received applause from the crowd.
He was wearing a gown with intricate designs and hues and held an enchanting wand in his palm.
When he first entered the hall, he was informed by one of the audience members that he’d heard his route to the arena of his performance in rune. However, this time, he was in half hour late.
The famous magician smiled and told the crowd that he was on time. He invited the audience to take a look at their watches. Surprised by the response the watches on everyone’s wrists showed the exact time the event was scheduled to take place. The hall reverberated with the loudest clapping I’ve ever heard.
After that, Mr. Sarkar pulled a handkerchief out of his pocket. He put it in an unfilled brass container and covered the jar with the disc. He requested one of the audience members to take off the disc, and then take the contents of the jar. To the delight of everyone. The handkerchief changed into a small frog, which began to jump on the table where the jar was placed. The magician asked the person watching to return the frog to the container. He covered it once more using the disc. The disc was removed, the handkerchief was emptied from the jar with a different color emerged and the frog vanished.
In this manner, the magician drew numerous items from the jar that was empty such as the marbles of a dove an eagle, a pigeon and a notebook, a toy bus, and so on.
The show was finished within an hour. I went home feeling ecstatic and amazed.

Magic show paragraph answer Number 2

The year’s Children’s Day on 14th November was marked by the Magic Show for the students of class IV. All children in the community were also invited. The kids were given a delightful present when they were welcomed by balloons and flowers by the magician D. K. Bose himself, at the entrance. The hall was packed with children, the principal, Smt. S. Gupta welcomed the magician with a formal welcome as well as a bouquet of flowers. The audience was silent until the show began around 10 hours early in the morning. The cards vanished, only to reappear in thin air. Milk consumed by the magician could be observed to be poured into a glass that was kept on the table next to it and children who were present in the audience were able to find sweets hidden in their pockets. The trick after trick kept the audience in suspense. Applause echoed throughout the auditorium as the show finally was over. The children walked out with wide eyes and smiles in their eyes.

Magic show paragraph answer Number 3

Our school was able to stage a magic show on the 12th of June 2015, following an extended waiting. There were teachers who were against this because of a reason. After a long, but persuasive discussion with the principal promising her good results in the coming exams, she agreed to host the event.

Students were ecstatic about the performance. They arrived around 30 minutes earlier in order to make sure that they didn’t be late for the show. The audience was full of curiosity because for some this was their first experience. The show was held in the auditorium of the school. The magician arrived on time as scheduled.

His introduction was to a crowd. He then demonstrated a simple trick and then asked a child to perform the same. Anyone can perform the trick as our teacher did it. The magician claimed that this simple trick can be performed by anyone. The reason a student was unable to accomplish it, however, the principal might be due to the fact that she watched carefully. The magician showed us several tricks, taught us a few, and ended the performance.

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