Magic show paragraph for class 5 | 2 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Magic show paragraph for class 5

Magic show paragraph for class 5 Answer Number 1

Magic show paragraph for class 5: Magicians are fantastic entertainers. They can keep you entertained for hours with their incredible tricks. The magic show will never be boring as it is always exciting and something new occurring every second. The magician is able to keep audiences captivated and the magic shows are a hit for both old and young alike. The magic acts of the magician are typically flawless and leave you thinking, “How did he do this?”‘ His movements are quick and fluid and his tricks aren’t quickly mastered.

Through time Magic has always been a loved form of entertainment. From sleight of hands to disappearing objects, it can be found in the amazing universe of magic!

Some time ago I had the chance to go to a show. The magician was extremely skilled. He began with easy tricks such as taking the rabbit out of the hat and creating flowers from the air. His hands were moving at such a speed that it was difficult to be unable to follow his movements. He also talked to ensure that the .audience pay attention to his talk and distract them from his actions. Then he proceeded to amaze his audience with even more complicated tricks, such as cutting a woman’s body in half and creating objects disappear. He also managed to pull off an illusion of levitation. It was a great performance and I even had the opportunity to talk with him after the performance. He showed me a few basic tricks and that. I would say that was the most enjoyable aspect of his show!

I am a sucker for magic shows and watch magicians in action. Famous magicians such as David Copperfield and P C Sarkar have done amazing magical feats. P C Sarkar even made the Taj Mahal vanish. How is that to be a magic trick?

Magic show paragraph for class 5 Answer Number 2

The famous magician Lagos came to our town. He demonstrated his tricks at our town hall. The room was filled to capacity when the magician appeared. He was dressed in a bizarre flowing gown with an embroidered crown over his hair. He also held an opal-golden wand in his hands.

The magician was late by around half an hour, but no one was bothered since everyone was eagerly waiting for him. A magician was asked by the crowd “For how long have I been in the past?” He was told that he was delayed by a half-hour. The magician then said, “No, I’m not late. I’m in time. Take a look at your watch.”

We were astonished to discover that all the watches on people in the room showed the correct time.

The magician then drew many things out of his mouth, before swallowing several of them. Some were iron bits, marbles along with rope long handkerchiefs and an acid bottle, and many more.

We were astonished when the magician with a wave of his wand transformed the egg into a pigeon as well as the handkerchief turned into flowers. He altered the number on an exchange note. He was capable of transferring the principal’s credit card for his bank from his pocket into the pockets of the person who was the last to sit in the hallway.

He also showed many other tricks. He continued to mutter the magic words. People paid him generously. After the show, each man returned home happy and amazed.

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