Magic show paragraph for class 3 | 2 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Magic show paragraph for class 3

Magic show paragraph for class 3 Answer Number 1

Magic show paragraph for class 3: Everyone enjoys magic shows. Kids especially do not like to miss a show. Magicians dress in bright outfits for their show. They are accompanied by other magicians to assist them. Magicians are extremely skilled in their job. They are usually spending the majority of their time working. We are unable to understand how they do their tricks.

On Saturday, I got an opportunity to attend the magic show. My dad bought tickets to the show in the evening as a present for my birthday. I went along with my parents and we settled in our seats. We waited patiently in anticipation of the magic show’s start. The stage’s curtains were lifted, and the magician entered. He introduced himself, and the show started.

Then he pulled four pieces of rope and ran his fingers through them. Then when they were opened, the rope was one more time! He called a young man from the crowd and demanded his watch. He covered the watch with a piece of cloth and then broke it with the Hammer. However, when the boy threw his hands into his pockets, he discovered his watch there. We were all awestruck.

The magician caused his assistant to fly into the air, then cut him in two with a knife, after that, he joined him. He made things disappear into the air, and then brought them out from our pockets. He hatched a lot of rabbits and pigeons from his hat. He lifted his table into the air and remain there for 5 minutes. He did a variety of other amazing tricks.

We all watched in awe. We were unaware of how many hours had gone through. Everyone praised and loved his talent. I would love to do such tricks and amaze audiences with my talents. It would be wonderful to be a world-renowned magician when I get older.

Magic show paragraph for class 3 Answer Number 2

Our school celebrated the day of the Puja vacation in a grand manner. Yesterday, at eleven a.m. the school organized an amazing performance within the Auditorium Hall of our school. The show was only for students in the school. Naturally, their parents were also allowed to attend but were required to pay for tickets. Around 400 people crowded the auditorium. The program began with a start time of eleven a.m. and ran through until 3 p.m. Even though it was a 4-hour show, we did not get bored for a minute. A professional magician, in an unusual costume, performed some tricks that are truly incredible. He began by taking some coins, then disappeared into the air. Within a few minutes, the coins were found in one student’s pockets. The magician miraculously lifted an individual on the ground without assistance. He was walking as an astronaut. The audience was stunned after seeing the magician cut an individual with a huge sword. The magician kept the enthusiastic students and guardians captivated by his tricks. There were other things to see including balance shows and juggling balls and tricks with cards fire. The crowd erupted in cheers at each show. In today’s digital age, these magical shows are sure to win young hearts. At the end of the program, we returned home with a smile on our faces.

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