How I Spent My Yesterday Essay | 3 Different Answers Added [updated 2023]

How I Spent My Yesterday Essay

How I Spent My Yesterday Essay Answer Number 1

How I Spent My Yesterday Essay: Like the old saying” Yesterdays are memories” The time that was once gone has passed away. It’s how we use our time and the items we can accomplish that count every day. This makes an important distinction in our past.

Today it is possible to not consider the future, but when we look back on our past experiences, we realize that we could have accomplished better. Actually, the past’s lessons are the guidelines for tomorrow’s.

In order to make it clearer, I can describe how I spent yesterday, all day. When I woke up in the morning, I got up, cleaned my teeth, had a shower and then brushed myself clean, and then walked to the table for breakfast with my parents.

Mom was cooking a wonderful breakfast for us all and we enjoyed the toasty hot toasts that she prepared. As it was a day off I decided to spend time with my buddies and so I went to my friend’s house following breakfast. There, we played for hours and had fun. A few of his friends came over later to play. We played for quite a long time until we were exhausted and tired. After that, we took a break and drank a cold beverage that his mom gave us, and then we made it to our homes.

In the kitchen, Mom made a delicious lunch for me. Then, after having a shower I had lunch. Due to my fatigue, I fell asleep. When I woke I realized it was tea time. Mom had prepared a hot, snack that was crunchy and I loved the snacks, along with hot tea we talked for a while.

After that, I was able at my desk and worked on some assignments that I needed to finish. When I was finished with my homework, Dad came home from work. After he was fresh after work, we all sat and played games indoors and discussed the events of the day for all of us. It was then dinner time, and Mom prepared dinner for us.

We talked, had a chat and laughed over general discussions, and then spent time together. After that, we cleaned up the kitchen, said family prayers, and then it was time for me to fall asleep. I wished my parents goodnight and fell asleep peacefully. When the day is positive it’s like feeling happy and good.

How I Spent My Yesterday Essay Answer Number 2

Yesterday I awoke around 7 am and then took a stroll through the parks. I returned after an hour from the park. After a few minutes, I went for a bath. After I washed, I ate breakfast. Following that, I read the newspaper for 10 minutes.

After reading the newspaper I went to the coaching class. I came home around 2 hours. Then I had lunch. I sat for a bit after having lunch.

After a few days, I started looking for job announcements via the web. Then I began to check the emails I received.

In the evening, I went out to play on the basketball court with one of my friends. After returning from the ground, I spent time with my family. After that, I had dinner. Then, I watched the TV for about 20 minutes, and then went back to my room to fall asleep.

How I Spent My Yesterday Essay Answer Number 3

Yesterday I woke up in the morning. First, first I am in the bathroom to wash my face and then have a bath. After having bathed after which I was ready to go out to enjoy the outdoors.
me and my friends. We had the most fun in “pacific mall” because we all had fun. with a great mood to be happy and enjoy.
However, I was at the mall’s pacific before my Friends were at the same time. I’m thinking that I could be more excited since everyone was going to be there to see my favorite actor’s film.
My favorite actress has to be “Nana Patekar”. I’ve always been interested in watching my favorite films with a particular star. Yesterday, I waited to see my family for 2 hours Over there. Most of the time, I must wait for my friends to arrive because none of them is punctual with time.

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