Essay on mothers day in 150 words | 4 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Essay on mothers day in 150 words

Essay on mothers day in 150 words Answer Number 1

Essay on mothers day in 150 words: Mother’s Day is celebrated every year to honor mothers and to show respect for their motherhood. The day is observed on the two Sundays in the month of May each year. Mothers are particularly invited to attend their child’s school to celebrate. Teachers begin to prepare for mother’s day by offering a variety of fun activities. Students can create rhymes with Hindi or English essays and a few lines from Hindi or English poems, conversation speech, etc. On this day, mothers attend the schools of their children and take part in the festivities.

Classrooms are decorated by teachers and students to greet mothers. It is celebrated across nations at different times and dates. However, it is observed in India this festival occurs on the second Sunday of the month of May. Kids send a unique invitation card (prepared by them) on behalf of their mother and invite them to visit their school at the appropriate time. They surprise their mothers by gifting them surprising presents.

Essay on mothers day in 150 words Answer Number 2

Mothers Day is a day that every child is able to celebrate particularly for their moms. It is observed each year as a significant event in the calendar on the 2nd Sunday of May month. These days, it’s been the norm to mark mother’s day at school with their children. Mothers receive greeting cards, wish cards or other unique gifts from their children. In this time the family gathers out to enjoy a delicious meal and have fun. Mothers also present gifts, as well as lots of love and attention to their children.

Mothers are particularly invited by their children to attend a school where children, teachers, and moms enjoy celebrating mother’s day. Mothers and children participate in various activities to take advantage of the day. Mothers make special dishes like macaroni, charming biscuits, sweets, etc. for their children based on their preferences. Mothers are also involved in other activities such as dancing, singing, speech, etc. Children participate in oral dialogue, rhyme recitation as well as dancing, singing essays, and other activities in connection with Mother’s Day. After the celebration is over mothers offer their specially cooked meals to the students in the class and their teachers. Everyone can eat and have fun together.

Essay on mothers day in 150 words Answer Number 3

Mother’s Day is one day that celebrates the love of every child to his mother, especially through an important celebration that falls on the 2nd Sunday in May each year. This is the custom celebration of Mother’s Day with children in schools. Send mother-themed greeting cards, cards for special occasions as well as other gifts that are special to your children. On the day of Mother’s Day, the family members gather to enjoy delight in delicious food and revel in their joy. Mother also offers great gifts and love, and cares for her precious children.

To go to school, children are invited by their mothers and children, teachers, and mothers are celebrated Mother’s Day very well. Mother prepares special dishes such as macron, chains biscuits, desserts and so on. according to the preferences of her children. To celebrate the day with full joy, mother and child participate in various activities such as dance and singing, as well as speech. Children take part in activities related to Mother’s Day such as singing or dancing, speaking, and poetry lecture as well as essay writing conversations, etc. The celebration culminates in the culinary classes of students and teachers. Everyone eats together and has fun.

Essay on mothers day in 150 words Answer Number 4

Mothers are the most trusted person to anyone because she cares for anyone who needs us. So, in gratitude and respect, a day in the year is designated, and we mark it each year as Mother’s Day. It is impossible to be a person without the affection and support of our mother. He is very concerned about us, especially when we laugh or are crying, she is sad. Mother on earth is the sole person who doesn’t leave us on our own. Mother is totally loyal to her children.

Mother’s Day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May each year across India. For this celebration, all the family members gather at home and enjoy delicious food and activities outside the house or out. Every member of the family offers gifts to mom and sends her many thanks. Mother is always with us all over the world. When we were born she is with us from the time we were infants to the end of our lives. It is impossible to be able to count their contributions to our lives, even if we do not be able to count the hours from our morning until night.

Mother is a full-time worker and she is always active and exhausted. He is the only one with a job that is not unending time and work. There is nothing we can return to them other than their generosity, however, we are able to give them to express our gratitude and treat them to treat them with respect. We must love and honor our mother and follow her wishes.

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