Essay on an exciting cricket match | 3 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

Essay on an exciting cricket match

Essay on an exciting cricket match Answer Number 1

1. Introduction to the game of cricket The sport of cricket is one of the most well-known sports both internationally and nationally. It’s a sport that is played in India. first-class Cricket is quite popular for children. It is a well-known sport in India that is played using bats and balls. Two teams play playing the game. Each team is comprised of 11-11 players. The game is played by two teams to achieve the objective of the most runs and the most points attained. The team wins, which has the most runs at the conclusion of the game. central place’ is known as “pitch” and is played in the middle of it.

2. My favorite game: In our school, a lot of importance is given to various sports and games. I also like playing cricket and volleyball. Cricket is my favorite sport. I was selected as the captain of the team at school because I’m an all-rounder. I have experience in bowling, batting, and fielding. I strive to provide adequate guidance to the players in my team. what exactly is the word? Definition of the noun both in Hindi and English

3. The occasion of the Match: Teams and the Venue: In November, a cricket match was organized by students from our team as well as the National School team. The match was played at the Bhimrao Ambedkar Stadium of our city. A large number of spectators and students were present as it was a Sunday.

4. The teams’ arrival The teams arrived at the court on time. All players were wearing their uniforms. Also, the umpires were there. The scorers and umpires had taken their places. The first thing we did was won the toss and then bat. The captain of the opposing team spread his fielding across the field. Students were eager to watch and enjoyed the game.

5. The match’s description The date was Sunday. A single-day cricket match was scheduled. The game started around 8:30 A.M. It was played in the Bhimrao Ambedkar Stadium Morena. The match started. Captain of our team and Praveen took the bats as the opener batsman.

They ran out and scored runs at an incredibly fast rate. After two hours, they caught our captain off guard. He had made eighty runs. Praveen had made fifty runs after the time came for him to be a run-out. The players were all very good and over 50 overs our team achieved 250 runs in six wickets. The bowlers from the opposing team put in a lot of effort, however, our team scored the most impressive total. Then, at 1130 am. Lunch break” was provided to players.

At 12 .00 pm. The match resumed. The team was bowled by the batsman who was opening. Our fast bowlers made an early break and the opening batsmen were bold out, scoring 10 runs. After that, Thyssen batsmen scored at a rapid pace. However, our bowlers forced them into ending the innings with 110 runs, for 10 wickets within 48.3 overs. We took the game in the 40th over.

6. Conclusion: We have won the game. It was a great end of the game. The students all returned home to their homes. They were having fun discussing the game. Cricket is a sport of courage and speed. It is imperative that players remain vigilant and cautious otherwise, the team is losing.

Essay on an exciting cricket match Answer Number 2

(1) The Introduction-Games are essential to our lives. The proverb states that a sound mind is in the body of a healthy body. Gandhiji was of the opinion that games should be a component of the education we receive. Games foster good traits like cooperation, brotherhood, and teamwork.

(2) Types of Games: There are a variety of games. You can pick the one that suits us best. Some games are outdoors like Cricket, Football, Tennis, Hockey, etc. There are also indoor games such as table tennis, Badminton or Badminton, for instance.

(3) (3) My favorite games I play a variety of games like Football, Kabaddi, Hockey, and so on. However, I enjoy the most playing cricket. Since childhood, I’ve always enjoyed the game. My father bought me a bat as well as a ball. I would hit the ball, while others threw it at me. As a child, I would play with the boys from my mohalla. They all praised my playing.

(4) The main reason for my choices: My father used to be an excellent cricket player during his school times. Many medals and cups, as well as beautiful certificates framed in his drawing room, have been in my mouth for a long time. As I’ve turned a certain age I’ve opted for this sport. I’ve become a devoted enthusiast of cricket and it’s an integral aspect of my life today.

(5) What do you play the game? It is a match between two teams. Each team is comprised of eleven players. If one team is playing on the field, the other teams also play. Alongside the players, there are two umpires whose decisions are definitive and binding for both teams. There are two scorers who keep track of the whole game. The team that has the highest number of runs takes the lead in the game.

(6) Cricket is played at the national, state as well as international levels. There are several tournaments that are organized. The commentary of the tournament is broadcast through radio and then telecast on television. channels. I frequently watch these matches on the TV.

(7) A Match at our school. There was a great cricket match held at our school. Our team was invited by to play the teams of Anand H. S. S. No. 1. The game was scheduled to be played on the following Sunday. The Principal had invited guests. The match was set to last for the duration of 35 runs. The team we were playing won the toss and then invited the other side to take the bat. Abdul Aziz and Rajesh of the other team took the bats to start the game. Abdul Aziz scored 10 runs and was l.b.w. out. Baldev Singh played our bowler. I got 2 wickets by-catches. All of the players of the other team were gone in just 32

Overs. They recorded 120 runs. After that, the team began to bat. I scored 22 runs. achieved 121 runs over 33 overs, losing 8 wickets. This is how we won the match. The playing of the other team was also extremely good. We were however not happy with our Victory since you are aware that “Cricket is a game of chance. “

(8) The conclusion: India has borne many great cricketers. The country has been granted “Test status” and Test matches take place in India as well. Cricket offers an excellent sport for everyone and is considered an ideal game, played with complete sincerity and fairness.

Essay on an exciting cricket match Answer Number 3

l. introduction: Cricket has become a loved game. It is now an international sport. The matches are test matches, show matches, international one-day matches, and games that are played for special occasions. In the past, it was hockey where they had the top players. Today, it’s cricket. Thanks to the rise of TV Stations, cricket has been getting more and more popular. Many people watch the live telecast of these games with intense fascination.

2. The Match played by Us -Last Sunday, we played a match of limited-overs in conjunction with our team from H.S.S. No. 1. It was played at our pitch. The captains of both teams chose to play the game in 30 innings. I was among the players from my team. Our captain took the toss and then invited .the opposing team to the toss and the. The match began with the first whistle at 9.30 am. There was a lot of anticipation on both teams. We took up positions on the field. We were happy and in good spirits.

Two fast bowlers were who were with us. The first two batsmen of the team were caught out. Their score was 131 at the time of six wickets. Their captain arrived to bat. He was a good batsman, and he scored 52 runs. The score was now 200 runs. Their score was 212 runs. 30 overs were played with two wickets in their hands. It was lunchtime.

After about half an hour, we began batting, while the opposing team started fielding. Mahesh Yadav, and Paresh Agarwal took the lead ones to step into. They played with a steady pace. The team scored 17 runs within 25 minutes. Both were good batsmen. The score was at 30 at the time Paresh was trapped in slips. I took his spot. I did my best. As the score grew, it was fifty-seven, but Mahesh was dismissed. Jagjit was replaced, and We both put on an excellent performance. The score kept rising. The fans cheered for us. They cheered us on. to the left to the right and made boundaries. We scored 115 at the time the officials declared me LBW-out.

The score of our team was 160 when we reached the time on the 6th wicket. Our captain was Kedar. Kedar scored 30 runs, and on the 28th the scoreboard was 200 runs. In twelve balls we needed to score 13 runs in order to win the game. The opposing team tightened the field, making it difficult to get runs. We were required to make 9 runs in six balls. The score at the time the last ball was scheduled to be bowled was 211.

There was a great sense of excitement. Our hearts were pounding whether it was victory or defeat? The batsman that had to confront the ball was bowler. We requested prayers to God. The ball was thrown and Oh! The ball was miraculously thrown. The batsman struck the ball, and it was an boundary. Our score was 215 to their 212. We were left with two wickets.

3. Conclusion -‘Cricket at random” says the old saying. This was proven in this instance. The other team also performed exceptionally good. The prizes were awarded. One of my closest friend Sudeep Negi was awarded the title of “Man of the Match.’. The Principal and chief guest of honor congratulated us. We went home with a smile. my parents, as well as other acquaintances and members of my family were content. My father, however, was not apathetic and gave me the adviceto pay an time for your studies as well.

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