A winter morning paragraph for class 10 | 4 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

A winter morning paragraph for class 10

A winter morning paragraph for class 10 Answer Number 1

A winter morning paragraph for class 10: Winter mornings are very cold and misty. It was December’s last week. It was very cold. I went for a walk one morning after I got up at 4 AM. I felt cold as I got out the door. It was cold. It was peeling. My hands and feet were cold. My ears became colder than ice and my nose began to run. I thought that the marrow was cold. My legs got stiff and cold. The bird isn’t chipped. Birds nest together. To warm up, I ran about a mile. But it was pointless. My legs were nearly frozen. It was foggy and foggy. It was hard to see anything. Frost washed the grass. Frost decimated all flowers and plants. The trees were naked. The frost was already on the ground. I rushed to get up early and poured myself a cup of steaming hot tea. I covered my face with a bird, but the cold was still affecting me. My hand was nearly crippled. My fingers wouldn’t cooperate when I tried to shave. I sat by the fire. I heated my hands for approximately half an hour. This was when I was able to shave. It was difficult for office workers. They couldn’t even cycle. Their wheel’s steel handle was cooler than the ice. Their faces felt cooled by the cool wind. Although they wore woolen suits, pullovers, over-coats and socks, they were still cold and uncomfortable. The poor were the worst. They were not able to wear woolen clothes. They had to work in cold winters. They had to cut cold. Their teeth chatter. Their hands and feet were cold. Their sorrowful state calls for mercy. Even wine full of children is not harassed. To keep warm, they cover the jar. The sky suddenly became cloudy. The cloud roared and it began to roar. It began with hail and rain. Soon, the ground was covered in hail. It was becoming very cold. All outdoor activities were postponed. I sat by the fireplace, waiting for the rain to stop. I cycled to school as soon as the rain stopped. It was difficult to balance and hold the handlebars in the bitterly cold wind.

A winter morning paragraph for class 10 Answer Number 2

Winter mornings are foggy. It is a completely different time for village life than town life. Both have been enjoyable for me, and I will share many facts about village life and city life. These are my thoughts. People are hard workers in villages and have to be in their fields. Their job is made more difficult by the cold and fog. But I’ve noticed that they don’t stop trying. Farmers would rise early and go to work with their cows. They also feed their cattle that day. These cattle rarely come out of their homes in the morning. Today, people enjoy afternoons with different kinds of food and drink. Children love winter mornings. This is a great time to enjoy cricket. They get out with their bats and balls and start playing cricket. Winter is my favorite season.

A winter morning paragraph for class 10 Answer Number 3

Winter mornings are cold and foggy. Winter mornings are generally very cold. Winter mornings are full of interesting village life. Dewdrops are everywhere this season. Sometimes you won’t see the sun for very long. Farmers used to get up early to work in the fields with their plows, cows, and horses.

People who have to work in winter mornings find it difficult. To keep warm, children and old people gathered straws. Another way to heat the body is to bask in the sun. This is a great time to eat. They make pithas, muri, and Khai in every house.

In the winter, I love to drink date juice. This season, date juice is very interesting. Rich people love their mornings with better food and better clothes. The poor and homeless are the most affected.

A winter morning paragraph for class 10 Answer Number 4

Winter mornings have their own unique natural features and effects on human life. Winter mornings are cold and misty. The fog is thick everywhere. Sometimes the fog is so thick that sunlight cannot penetrate it. Everything appears hazy. Rural areas are incredibly charming when it comes to winter mornings. Dewdrops on grasses and leaves shimmer like pearls under the sun’s rays. People usually wake up at night. They feel cold and shiver. They are warm and comfortable in warm clothing. Children and the elderly enjoy basking in the morning sunlight. For breakfast, most people have date juice and other native “pithas” Cattle are kept in their sheds. A winter morning in cities doesn’t make much difference in your daily life, as it’s not too cold. People get up at their normal time, dress in warm and colorful clothes, and then go to work. Students often wear the most vibrant and warm clothes. Here, the weather is also dull and dark. Poor people suffer the most in urban and rural areas. They lack warm clothing to keep them warm in the cold. Street children make fires by gathering straws and paper. People are often in great distress because of the disruption to their communication system. But, winter mornings are very fleeting. As the day progresses, it starts to fade. I feel that a winter morning can be a curse for the poor but a blessing for the wealthy.

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