A book you have recently read paragraph | 5 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

A book you have recently read paragraph

A book you have recently read paragraph writing Answer Number 1

A book you have recently read paragraph: I like to read different kinds of books when I’m not working with my hands. It is a source of enjoyment and pleasure. Recently, I read “Chander Pahar ” by Bibhutibhushan Bandopadhyay. It’s a Bengali adventure novel that is a masterpiece. The novel focuses on the adventures of the young Bengali man who lives in the woods in Africa Shankar Roy Chowdhury is forced to leave his family and travel to Africa to search for diamond and gold mines. He travels with Alvarez who is a brave explorer. They face a variety of dangers and must face the challenges of survival. In the descriptions, the volcano raging, the man-eating beast Bunyip, as well as the black mammal, sent chills through my spine.I am awestruck by Shankar’s determination to achieve the dream. Shankar’s tale is an inspiring salute to all who are willing to dream. It calls us to be worthy of the things we desire. I find myself content that Shankar received what he so desperately wanted to have. It has inspired me to strive to get my goals.

A book you have recently read paragraph writing Answer Number 2

I love reading books and it is my hobby. I recently finished reading the book ” Pather Panchali”. The book was written by the famous novelist Bibhutibhusan Bandopadhyay. The story is about one of the village children known as Apu. The main characters in the novel include Apu, Durga, Harihar, and Sarbajaya. Harihar and Sarbajaya, a couple from the countryside were secluded in miserable conditions.

distress. However, they dreamed of a bright future. And Durga has children. Durga died a premature death. It was a devastating shock for the family. It is difficult to shed tears when reading about the loss of Apu the most beloved sister of Apu Durga. The novel paints an extremely vivid image of beauty in a tiny town in Bengal. The tale brings to mind the struggles of the millions of people who are poor and in need of our nation. In reality, it’s an eternal story of Bibhutibhusan Bandyopadhya.

A book you have recently read paragraph writing Answer Number 3

I am not able to read apart from school books. However, I heard the tale from “Ramer Sumati” written by Saratchandra Chattapadhyay from my grandpa. The story captivated me greatly. Recently, I was able to get a copy that I read in one session. The book is the complete story of a family that is a joint one in rural Bengal. There are a few main characters The main characters are Ramlal who is the hero, Shyamlal his stepbrother, and Narayani who is the wife of Shyamlal. Alongside them are Shyamla’s son as well as Digambari his mother-in-law. Since Ramlal had lost his mom at just two years old and a half old Narayani was his sister-in-law who raised him with love and affection from a mother. Digambari was not able to accept the affectionate relationship between them. Ramlal was a shrewd person and this was the source of all the problems. Ramlal’s ancestral house was divided and Ramlal was exiled to the chagrin of Narayani. The portrayal by the author of both the protagonists of Ramlal along with Narayani is truly unique. The book’s details cannot be described in this brief period. Everyone should read the book every time he has the chance.

A book you have recently read paragraph writing Answer Number 4

I am a real book enthusiast. I love reading books. If I find time, I devour story books and novels. I am a huge fan of cricket too. My father recently gave me an autobiography by Sachin Tendulkar “Sachin Tendulkar – Playing It My Way” on my birthday. The book is extremely informative. Sachin Tendulkar isn’t only an outstanding player but has become a symbol. Therefore, the chance to look into the life of an iconic figure is always sought-after. The chapters provide a detailed account of the most important events in his life. The reader will admire the legend more after reading the book. The book doesn’t just point to Sachin’s passion for cricket but also highlights the kind of father and loving son he has. I will cherish the pleasure of reading the book for a lifetime and it will become an influencer throughout my life. I would like to read it over and over again in the near future.

A book you have recently read paragraph writing Answer Number 5

Books are among our most trusted friends. Even in the modern age of mobile and internet books, their importance is not to be undervalued. I am a true book-lover. I love reading books. If I have spare time, I devour stories, novels, etc. Out of all the books that I’ve read, enjoy ‘The Story of my Life” written by Helen Keller The most. The story revolves around a struggle for survival for Helen Keller. She writes with natural ease and power that is not matched by other writers of this category. In this book, we learn how Helen Keller became blind and deaf following an illness that struck her during her childhood. But, the day that Miss Sullivan came to her as her teacher was one of the most memorable moments of her life. After a long and difficult process, Helen learned to read using raised letters, in a braille way. Then she learned to write using a specific typewriter. In the book “The Stories of my Life’, a description of the initial twenty-two year of Helen Keller’s existence is given. In this period, she met numerous noble and loving people. In the autobiography, Helen writes about her experiences with such grace and sincerity in such a concise style that it will surely evoke curiosity and love for her. The most memorable aspect of the book is her determination and determination to overcome every obstacle faced by a handicapped person in her own personal life. It has a universal appeal to every reader on the globe. Everyone should read the book every time they get the chance.

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