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A boat journey paragraph

A boat journey paragraph Answer Number 1

A boat journey paragraph: During my last puja vacation, I visited my friend’s house in Haldibari. The man promised me a boat trip. He was true to his word. On a fine day, we set off on the boat. We were eight in number. The Harinakhali river Harinakhali sparkled with the shining rays of the sun. The current and the wind were in a favorable direction and the boat was able to move without a trace. As we approached the boat I sat and gazed at the beautiful sights along the shores of the river. The boys in the village were bathing, women were washing their clothes or cooking utensils. Fishermen were fishing for fish. It was the last day of autumn. I was awestruck by clouds floating in the air, and the dancing “Kash”. My friends began singing. A gentle breeze calmed us. All around us was gorgeous and bright. In the evening, we traveled back to our home. The journey made a lasting impression on me.

A boat journey paragraph Answer Number 2

On Sunday last I visited my friend’s home in Haldibari the village that lies along the banks of the Ganga River. I was promised a boat trip through the river. In the morning, we walked along the river’s banks and embarked on the boat. We were eight in number. The river was sparkling in the bright light that the sun reflected. The current and the wind were in good shape and our boat was able to move in its own way. When the boat was close to the middle stream I gazed at the beautiful views of the rapid-flowing waters and evergreen forest along the banks. A lot of village boys were bathing and washing their dishes or clothing, fishermen caught fish, and a man is bathing buffaloes. I was awestruck by the moving clouds in the sky. My friend began singing. A gentle breeze calmed us. All around us was radiant and beautiful. As we got into the evening, we headed home. The trip has created a lasting impression in my memory.

A boat journey paragraph Answer Number 3

A trip boat is always a pleasure. It has a charm all its own. Boat rowing is lots of enjoyment.

This summer, I had the chance to travel to Mauritius for a period of about one week. We stayed at the hotel close to the ocean. On the night of the full moon, my father took me on the boat for two hours. The boat was spacious, though it was not a large one. We all, my mother, father as well as my sister, and my younger brother were able to climb in the water.

It was the evening of dusk. The sun was just setting. The landscape was beautiful. There weren’t many boats on the river. I had always wanted to row, however, my dad was reluctant to let me row. The boatman came to help me. He promised to make sure to ensure that I didn’t cause damage to the boat or to myself. At the end of the day, my father was on board. Sat as the boatman, and experienced the pleasure of rowing for nearly 10 minutes. Imagine my delight in rowing for nearly ten minutes. Imagine my excitement and pride as I managed to be able to row the vessel, and keep the course. Naturally, the speed was slowed. My brother was jealous.

Soon, the moon was shining brightly. The tall trees that framed the sky created a stunning view. The light of the adjacent houses and the bridge were shining silver across the river. The sky was dotted with stars. The view was stunningly beautiful.

The time flew by, and quickly, the two hours were done. The boatman took us Jump into the banks. We loved every minute of it. It was truly wonderful. It’s a memory that haunts me to this day.

A boat journey paragraph Answer Number 4

I was at Banaras having a great time on my summer vacation. Every night I went to the Gangs. There was one night when there was a moon rising in the eastern ethereal silver disc that was able to cast over the entire globe a spell of enchanting beauty. My friends suggested an excursion on a boat with the beautiful moonlight of spring, and I gladly offered to be a part of it.

A boat was hired, and shortly we were sailing to the west. The moon’s luster was reflected on the waves. The banks were paved and one could spot towers and temples rising toward a un blue sky. There was everything one could ever want in a place of peace and beauty, as well as an overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Then we turned back. Our hearts were overflowing. We sang an ode to Mirabai while another boy sang “O my moonlight” (‘O Amar-Chanderalo’) — a song by Rabindranath. As our boat came to the shore and we felt a deep feeling of happiness. It was like the earth was a bride and the sky had been reborn.

All river cruises are enjoyable. However, a trip at night is a memorable experience. That’s what I experienced in that fleeting trip night on Ganga near Banaras.

A boat journey paragraph Answer Number 5

This summer, I was able to travel to Mauritius for a period of about one week. We stayed at a hotel that was close to the ocean. On the night of the full moon, my father rented the boat for two hours. The boat was very large, though it was a big one. I together with my father, mom my sister and my younger brother joined the boat. It was dark.

The sun was just setting. There weren’t many vessels on the river. I was keen to row, with my father, but he was reluctant to let me row.

The boatman walked in to help me and told me that the boatman would take care of my boat and mine as well. His words had a trusting impression on my father’s mind and, as a result, he was willing to accept.

Then, I sat on the spot of the boatman and enjoyed the pleasure of rowing for a good 10 minutes, and then completing the course at a slower speed. My brother was impressed with my feat. Soon, the moon was shining brilliantly. The tall trees framed the sky, creating stunning images. The light of nearby bridges and houses reflected shining silver beams into the river.

The sky was filled with stars. The views were breathtaking. It was a blur, and then the two hours had passed. The boatman took us to our bank. We thoroughly enjoyed every second we were on the boat. It was truly wonderful, and the memories are still with me.

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