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A boat journey paragraph

A boat journey paragraph for class 6 Answer Number 1

A boat journey paragraph for class 6: A boat trip is beautiful and enjoyable. When I was on vacation last summer I went to my friend’s home to visit his family in Odisha. He said I could go on an excursion on a boat. One day, we took the boat. The river sparkled due to the rays from the sun descending upon it. It was awe-inspiring to witness it. I was able to see the gorgeous sights on the banks of the river during my cruise. I could see the fishermen fishing for fish, ladies washing clothes, and the kids swimming in the water. Everything around us was gorgeous to behold. The gentle breeze eased our souls. At night, we headed to our home. It was an absolutely stunning and unforgettable trip that we will not forget.

A boat journey paragraph for class 6 Answer Number 2

The last time I was there, I visited Varanasi (a gorgeous city located in Uttar Pradesh) with my friends. We had a great time on a trip aboard an inflatable boat. We spent two hours cruising around the water. The boat was brand fresh and brightly painted.

Three rowers were present. It was then that they began their song. We looked out towards the Ghats. We saw many bathers and prayed that the sun was shining brightly.

The waters of the Ganges were crystal clear. The top temples sparkled like gold. The entire atmosphere was vibrant and jovial. After an hour, we were on the opposite side of the river.

After that, we took a break for a while, and my friend Raju was carrying a camera along with him. We capture various beautiful scenes.

My buddy Ramesh has a huge collection of old songs. we sat in the library and listened to the songs. We were all hungry, so we thought of having a drink which included tea, biscuits, and samosas.

We continued on our way; the boat would move one way or another. Women were filling their pots up with Holy water that is a part of the Ganges.

They were singing their traditional songs. A few Sadhus were worshipping in the Ghats. Some read the Ramayana. Some were on the shores of water.

We were extremely happy. My friends love the program extremely. The day went by with excitement. We paid 300 rupees for the owner of the boat. We returned to our home with beautiful memories.

A boat journey paragraph for class 6 Answer Number 3

The summer before my birthday I went to my maternal uncle’s home located in Chandannagar to stay for three days. After lunch, I would accompany my two cousins that were around my age to the closest ghat along the Ganga and then take an on-hire boat to row on the water.

A few days ago, my cousins informed me that they would like to take the boat all the way to Srirampur. I felt nervous because of this distance. They seemed confident because they’d been already used to it from their early years.

Without the knowledge of guardians, they hired a boat for a trip. The boatman was in the boat, and let the rowers go. I and Rachit one of my siblings sat in a scull. Sumit The Other was at the steering wheel. The boat was moving slowly but smoothly. It was a time of the ebb tide, and therefore we didn’t have many issues when rowing.

On the return trip, we were unable to make any progress despite rowing in all of our strengths. The boatman saw our inability and came to our aid. The boat is now at an increased speed. But it was already too late to get home.

My aunt and uncle were worried about our unexpected delay, as we failed to inform them of our plans of sailing. This was, without doubt, an error of ours. But, it was quite an experience to row a vessel like an experienced boatman, only to fall sick from arm pain due to being a rower against the flow.

A boat journey paragraph for class 6 Answer Number 4

Children love playing in the waters. There’s no limit to their excitement once they learn that they’re traveling by boat. I was too thrilled to learn that I was going to travel on an inflatable boat. I’d never been in an actual vessel before.

Our family had traveled to Mahableshwar to spend a few days on holiday. I overheard my father telling me that we would charter a boat for the entire day. I was thrilled. I did my best. After a meeting, we were granted the boat as well as an experienced boatman in the event that we ran into issues. This boat wasn’t an enormous one but was big enough to accommodate our entire family. My father began rowing the boat using the aid of oars. I was watching him and I was tempted to row the boat as well. My dad was a bit nervous when I explained to him my ideas. He assured me that it wasn’t easy. I was upset and sat down in silence. The boatman advised my father to let me run the boats. He promised my father nothing dangerous would occur. My father reluctantly accepted. I took the oars into my hands and started rowing the boat. The boatman was with me throughout the entire time. I rode the boat for a few minutes and then gave the oars over to my father. The sport of rowing is enjoyable but challenging.

I was happy to have been able to row the boat. We ate lunch and had a great time aboard the vessel. I also threw breadcrumbs into the ocean. Through the clear water, I could see fish eating them up fast. The way the day went by was a mystery for me. I can say that I was happy with the boat journey. It was an unforgettable experience.

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