10 lines on Rajasthan | 3 Different Answer Added (Updated 2023)

10 lines on Rajasthan

10 lines on Rajasthan Answer Number 1

  1. Land of royal heritage.
  2. Vibrant and colorful culture.
  3. Home to majestic forts.
  4. Famous for Rajasthani cuisine.
  5. Known for Thar desert.
  6. Rich in natural beauty.
  7. Famous for handicrafts and textiles.
  8. Land of music and dance.
  9. Abode of holy temples.
  10. A tourist’s paradise.

10 lines on Rajasthan Answer Number 2

  • Majestic palaces and havelis.
  • A land of brave warriors.
  • Famous for folk art.
  • Renowned for camel safaris.
  • Land of brave women.
  • Known for puppetry shows.
  • Famous for mirror work.
  • Home to wildlife sanctuaries.
  • A true embodiment of tradition.
  • A state of great diversity.

10 lines on Rajasthan Answer Number 3

  1. Famous for Rajputana architecture.
  2. Known for royal hospitality.
  3. Land of sand dunes.
  4. Abode of hill stations.
  5. Famous for gemstones.
  6. A blend of modernity and tradition.
  7. Home to the largest fort.
  8. Famous for intricate artistry.
  9. A land of vibrant festivals.
  10. Rich in history and culture.

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