10 lines on chair essay | 3 Different Answers Added (Updated 2023)

10 lines on chair essay

10 lines on chair essay Answer Number 1

  1. A chair is for sitting.
  2. Made of wood, metal, plastic, or fabric.
  3. Comes in different shapes and sizes.
  4. Used for dining, work, or decoration.
  5. Some have cushions for comfort.
  6. Can be stationary or mobile.
  7. Some have adjustable features.
  8. Found in homes, offices, schools, and public spaces.
  9. Designs reflect cultural and technological changes.
  10. Good chairs are functional and attractive.

10 lines on chair essay Answer Number 2

  • Chairs: for sitting.
  • “Chair”: from “chaiere” (Old French).
  • Steam-powered machinery made chairs accessible.
  • Chairs as functional art.
  • Ergonomic chairs promote health.
  • Chairs as symbols of power and authority.
  • Outdoor chairs use durable materials.
  • Expanding concept of a “chair.”
  • Chairs in art.
  • World’s largest chair: 56 feet tall.

10 lines on chair essay Answer Number 3

  1. Chairs: used throughout history.
  2. Many cultures: chairs = power.
  3. Chairs: diverse shapes and sizes.
  4. Materials for chairs: varied.
  5. Chair design: evolved over time.
  6. Some chairs: specific purposes.
  7. Cushions/upholstery: chair decoration.
  8. Stackable/foldable chairs exist.
  9. Indoor/outdoor chairs available.
  10. Chairs made by hand or mass-production.

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